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Ask any Oncologist and they’ll tell you what a lengthy and complicated process providing healthcare as an oncologist is and just as big a headache is managing the back-end of an oncologist’s practice. The lengthy and complicated treatment cycles make it extremely tough to bill and code while managing optimum efficiency unless there’s a professional oncology medical billing service provider on hand to manage it.

Billing and coding during the treatment cycle require consistent awareness of the constantly changing ICD-10 codes and the various guidelines for oncology medical billing. The knowledge of modifiers is another key aspect of it, that is often overlooked, resulting in denied claims and delayed reimbursements. It’s necessary that the billing expert knows these facets of the process, and is experienced in maintaining efficiency during the whole operation.

oncology medical billing

A medical practitioner can maintain his excellence in providing healthcare but an incompetent billing and coding setup can affect the revenue of the practice. Which is why employing a competent Oncology medical billing service is the only way to go forward. An expert will ensure that your billing is concise, no matter the complications or length of the cycle and maintain accurate coding throughout, without fail. Accurate coding ensures denials are minimal to none translating into swift reimbursements aiding to your growth. A smooth revenue stream ensures your business’s prosperity.

Hiring an in-house team to handle the process is one option, the other is to apply a cost-effective solution that allows supreme efficiency while saving you loads of money.

oncology medical billing services

At Bikham Healthcare we understand the complexities and intricacies of the oncology billing process. Our team of experts is adept at ensuring your practice flourishes with no denials to hold its financial growth back. You focus on your healthcare provision without having to spend a single minute worrying about billing, claim-filing or follow-ups. You can trust us because our claim of excellence is backed up by 13 years of industry experience and various compliances like HIPPA and ISO/IEC:27001:2013.

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