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Cardiology Medical Billing like all fields regularly introduces new techniques and methods every single day. Staying familiar with the changes and variety of specialized sub-sets it includes is absolutely vital. Cardiology with its multiple facets, rules and complicated contractual adjustments make the entire billing experience unique. Constant changes to coding and billing regulations have led to significant fee reductions in cardiology throughout the last few years.

Cardiology Medical Billing

Meanwhile, the average Medicare fee has witnessed a steady increase in the same timeline. But Medicare fee for cardiology has experienced a decline of nearly 2% with every passing year. There have been changes in the treatment cycle of in-office imaging and echo services like the color flow and Doppler. Follow up on implanted devices and external devices now include new codes. Cardiology Medical Billing Services errors and payments are often reduced because of the reprogramming of ICM and ICD devices. The Cardiology Medical Billing department needs to be consistently aware of the ever-happening changes or else your business is liable to incur severe losses and that’s not the extent of the negative impact you’re going to witness.

Cardiology Medical Billing is very complex and requires certain expertise and proper knowledge for clear and accurate coding. Knowledge of modifier applications and various general medical billing procedures is vital. Various billing details such as verifying medical necessity, selective and non-selective catheterization coding and component coding, etc all require ever-growing levels of expertise to achieve optimum billing efficiency.

Bikham Healthcare has spent over 13 years in the healthcare industry providing quality billing and coding services for a variety of cardiologists serving as individuals or in large health care operations. Our expertise and experience allows us to analyze the trends an organization displays and then employ customized solutions to the same. Our roster of clients has experienced a significant upturn in their efficiency and revenue stream since partnering with Bikham Healthcare.

Cardiology Medical Billing

Bikham Healthcare works hand-in-hand with your practice to help identify areas of problems like the correct use of modifiers and get your practice up to speed with the available best-in-class medical billing techniques and procedures. Our team of certified billing and coding experts manage each and every aspect of your cardiology billing department ensuring your practice doesn’t suffer at the hands of improper billing and coding. We maximize your revenue stream and ensure you receive proper compensation for the services rendered.

We’re HIPPA compliant and also ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified. Which further solidifies our status as a healthcare industry mogul. We ensure maximum efficiency whilst staying completely adherent to professional ethics and certifications. With Bikham Healthcare your business/practice is liable to enjoy the maximum benefits from your medical billing operation. Allowing you to focus on the healthcare provision end while we streamline your revenue cycle management and handle the complete back-end operation.

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