Ever feel like your social media marketing campaigns can be well overwhelming?

Believe us, we get it!

It's a fast-moving industry and with so much to learn and do, it's easy to feel like you're falling behind.

Utilizing Social Media platforms to promote a business is no longer a question of why, but how!


With around 486,183 users accessing facebook per minute, it is super profitable to run marketing campaigns.

We develop strategies for better consumer response.

A customizable page design is prepared to reduce overhead costs.

Targeted advertising campaigns are run to identify key aspects of growth.

Event and Poll Management being carried out to trigger maximum user engagement.

We make your website easy to navigate so that this essential marketing tool is well capable of attracting potential customers.

According to a survey, 80% of potential conversions from facebook were lost due to poor ad strategy. Therefore, doing it right can drive more traffic to your websites, build brand equity, and increase revenue.


Instagram is one of the largest social networks with over 700 million active users.

Our team experiments with the images to attract consumer interest.

We maximize viewer engagement with the use of videos.

Stories feature is utilized to carry out polls ensuring increased traffic.

Use of hashtags to guide new content decisions and boost sales.


LinkedIn, with around 450 million professionals can help build brand awareness and establish strategic partnerships.

We provide you with an attractive company page to let customers learn about you.

Clients witness increased brand awareness with our targeted campaigns.

We publish rich media content ensuring maximum viewer engagement.

Business campaigns are run to fulfill marketing goals.

This is why our clients love us!

Your time is too valuable to spend it navigating a dozen social media platforms all day.

Allow Bikham to do it for you.!

Our investment in strategic social media marketing lets you witness increased traffic, better brand awareness and excellent customer satisfaction.

With the zeal and knack of learning something new from everywhere every day
We know how to decipher consumer behavior.