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Clinical laboratories face a complex environment for billing and reimbursement, especially with the always new molecular and genetic tests introduced on a regular basis. Bikham has over 13 years of experience coding and billing for the laboratory medical billing services. Our knowledgeable team of clinical lab billers deals with these complexities daily, staying up-to-date with billing rules and ever-changing payer requirements. Documentation feedback, compliance advice, and pertinent billing and reimbursement changes are communicated to our client physicians and staff on a regular basis.


Many practices and hospitals prefer coding and billing on their own, either with a dedicated team or as part of a hospital billing team. These operations can be effective as long as the investments in billing technologies are kept current and the staff members are well trained. But we often see numerous problems which reduce effectiveness and therefore cash flow. These problems can be Staff turnover, Outdated or inflexible systems, Limited reporting capabilities.

Even if these issues are not present, there are cost issues that need to be evaluated. Staff costs increase from year to year such as salaries. Benefits and other overheads continue to rise. At some point, it is imperative to analyze the fixed or increasing expenses of in-house outsource Laboratory medical billing services vs. the downward trend in reimbursement. In contrast to the fixed expenses of an in-house operation, Bikham Healthcare billing services represent a predictable, variable cost that is directly proportional to your revenue. This way, you retain complete control and visibility, including any time and anywhere access to current financials. And you gain an expert coding and billing partner. You can get a comprehensive view of current coding and billing costs and effectiveness with our financial reviews: a thorough, unbiased analysis of current results vs. the benchmarks. With 13 years of on hand industry experience our team easily assesses where revenue can be improved, costs can be reduced, cash flow be accelerated and where there may be compliance risks. Therefore, you never have to worry about the breach of confidentiality too. Plus, it gives you time to concentrate more on your patients.


Bikham Healthcare employs sophisticated, highly configurable automated workflows that ensure clean claim submission, upfront, in the shortest possible time which means when you outsource your Laboratory medical billing services you can be sure of a far fewer clerical error, significantly reduced denials, lower labor costs, and greater efficiency. With our efficient practices, it’s all about getting out clean, trackable claims reimbursed quickly and efficiently, which include automated document management, as well.

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