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As a medical practitioner, you’re helping your personal injury clients to get their Personal Injury Compensation Claims which they deserve to properly navigate through the road of recovery. This complex claim settlement process is never so much easy as you have to tackle different insurance companies along with a lot of legal issues to ensure a smooth and efficient payment settlement both for your client and your business.

Fortunately, ‘Bikham Medical billing services’ offers end-to-end comprehensive personal injury compensation claims billing and collection services in collaboration with your personal injury business.We aim for maximizing your revenue while reducing your office expenses so that you can focus on your patients. We take care of the billing of your personal injury clients in the best possible and most effective way so that you get the maximum reimbursements.

Bikham has owned a qualified and dedicated team of billing experts who are well versed in understanding the complexities of Personal Injury Compensation Claims Billing. They possess extensive knowledge and experience to handle all medical billing cases including personal injury and make sure more than average return rates for the processed claims of their clients.

Our state-of-the-art billing system allows us to submit claims electronically and together with our expertise in payment collection methods, we get you paid faster.

Our Services

Our billing experts take sufficient time to understand each and every Personal Injury Compensation Claims Billing issue and then provide suitable solutions to make your business more profitable.

  • Complete account receivables management.
  • Experienced and Certified professional coders to get maximum reimbursements.
  • Accelerated payment processing with full electronic claims submissions.
  • Manage patient input, statements, and follow up.
  • Specialization in payment collection processes with insurance companies.
  • Wider knowledge in talking with liens and attorneys.

Benefits We Offer

  • Eliminate troubles of dealing with the attorneys and liens.
  • Efficient and economical Personal Injury Compensation Claims Billing and collection services
  • Accelerated payment processing and Maximum Reimbursements
  • Monthly reporting of Practice Management and Finance for instant knowledge of claims history and outstanding accounts.
  • Computer-aided technology solutions and software specifically created for personal injury billing needs.
  • Remotely connect online for an easy access to patient’s data, including transaction history and balances.
  • Years of professional expertise to deliver best in class Personal Injury Compensation Claims Billing services and support.

So, no more worries about your personal injury compensation claims billing and payment collection issues!

Bikham acts as an extension of your office staff and offers a flexible range of services to fulfill your specific needs. We provide comprehensive personal injury compensation claims billing and collection services for all major medical specialties including personal injury billing service. We not just keep promises but also produce prominent results. Our specialized task force, at Bikham, comprises of certified billing experts, coders, and enrollment specialists that make the real difference. Our best-in-class infrastructure, technology, and proven processes promote efficiency and accuracy will help you increase your business while reducing operational costs.

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