Medical Laboratory Billing Services

With over 13 years of hands-on industry experience with certified professionals at the helm . Bikham's prowess to develop strategically devised laboratory billing , coding and financial management solutions custom made for your business is unmatched in the market. We offer our expertise across the board to Individuals, SME's and large scale enterprises alike. Our proficiency in the field of Clinical laboratory billing guarantees you exponentially improved laboratory collections and have an enhanced revenue cycle.

Our Laboratory billing services are optimized to cater to your needs , employing strategically devised customized solutions for both technical and professional components of your business. Bikham's vast experience in the realm of medical billing means we can handle every single aspect of the entire medical billing process and lesser your administrative burden exponentially.

In addition Bikham offers the following services:

  • Monitoring payments to ensure adherence to contracted rates
  • Patient balance statements
  • Handling patient inquiries concerning billing queries
  • Pricing plan and guidance
  • Ensuring accurate financial reporting, coding, billing and collections.
  • Increase revenue while cost-effectively processing high-volume, low-dollar claims
  • Reduction of days in A/R
  • Shrink write-offs by actively following-up on denied claims
  • Control costs by measuring and tracking productivity and profitability by procedure, by site of service, by physician and by salesperson
  • 13 years of impeccable billing track record

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Molecular Billing And Coding

Molecular coding , billing and reimbursement is subject to constant changes with genetics promptly growing and becoming a field of major focus for laboratories across the world. CMS consistently evaluates reports of labs and rescripts CPT codes to appropriate top genes their very own codes. The coding front of the entire billing process is complicated because of recurrent coding changes and if that's not enough, some codes may even seem to cover up to 10 genes. It cannot be stressed enough how medical practitioners and their laboratories need to stay constantly updated with the changes made by CMS and insurance carriers. It's a vital practice that insures proper payments for services availed.

The constant changes in the CPT codes can often prove rather difficult to keep up with, especially for busy labs. Bikham's molecular lab billing services proves as a pillar, your practice can depend upon without fail. We house a team of certified professionals , billing agents and coders alike offering you their expertise helping you better manage your laboratory billing. Working in tandem with your insurance companies ensuring maximum reimbursement for codes, old and new alike and also taking care of the follow up procedures that ensue on rejection of codes. We send out expertly drafted appeals with accurate rebuttals helping you maximize your revenue and save time.

Bikham excels at developing customized cost-effective solutions for all our clients. Maximizing your revenue and exponentially decreasing your work load .

Pathology Laboratory Billing

Keeping up with the numerous changes made to CPT codes, CCI edits and federal and commericial billing guidelines leaves close to no room for error while billing. Billing for pathology laboratory services can arguably be particularly challenging especially for laboratories dealing with an increased influx of patients. It's necessary that the billers house profound understanding of pathology's many sub-specialties - cytopathology, toxicology and hematology. Struggles during the process of billing will most certainly ensure a rise in denials with your practice potentially losing money.

Health insurers are rapidly narrowing their provider networks which certainly doesn't translate into a benefit. As a result pathology labs are constantly finding themselves declared as out-of-network providers, struggling to receive proper payments for services rendered.

Over 13 years of industry experience with pathology laboratory billing, Bikham ensures par-excellence services helping your practice bridle issues such as an out-of-network designation which may result in payments slowed or even lost. We are a symbol of trust for labs across the nation , with our team of certified billing and coding experts we ensure best-in-class services are rendered to all our clients without fail . Constantly being on top of the situation and making sure the paperwork submitted is absolutely accurate and right on the money. Modifiers-26 and -TC are used incisively making sure we avail the benefit of enjoying maximum reimbursement to you.

Toxicology Laboratory Billing Services

Toxicology laboratory billing work is supremely complex and always subject to changes, often unpredictable. In the year 2015 , Medicare implemented G-codes with the clear intention of simplifying the entire billing process and majority insurance companies followed their decree. Only for Medicare to revise its already implemented guidelines the following year, 2016, choosing to delete all 2015 drug testing G-codes and not recognizing AMA CPT codes for drug testing either. And it shouldn't come as a surprise that commercial insurance companies haven't quite clearly indicated that they'll follow suit.

Lab testing and over-utilization is the focal point of careful examination and often scrutinized by the CMS, OIG (Office of Inspector General) and the U.S DOJ (United states Department of Justice). To avoid drawing attention of regulators and ensure reception of appropriate reimbursement for their toxicology billing , billers must stay updated with the ever changing guidelines , from Medicare and commercial payoffs alike.

Labs across the world turn to Bikham for their toxicology billing for Bikham guarantees expertise with over 13 years of experience under its belt. Outsourcing your toxicology laboratory billing services is one step in the right direction ensuring you maximization of your revenue and increased efficiency of your medical practice. Our team of certified professionals are educated in the nuances of toxicology billing helping you overcome problems like the use of MUEs and modifiers accurately. We ensure our partner labs receive proper and swift compensation for services rendered.

Clinical Laboratory Billing Services

OIG (office of inspector general) of the U.S department of health and human services has made no secret of it's intention to vigilantly oversee independent clinical laboratory billing practices. With reimbursement decreasing and the cost for clinical labs on the rise, there's never been greater need for a proficient clinical lab billing service.

Billers and coders must house extensive knowledge of the variety of services that may be offered by a clinical laboratory, be it biological, hematological, serological or cytological. It's imperative that the billers and coders are accustomed to the latest medical technology along with CPT AND ICD-10 codes while also understanding the required steps to ensure that claims support medical necessity. The room for error is close to 0. No practice can afford to lose money and invest precious time fighting and appealing against denials. Bikham offers respite from the problem with its strategically implemented medical billing solutions to all our partners.

With over 13 years of clinical lab billing services under our belt , Bikham offers cost-effective strategically devised medical billing and coding services guaranteeing increased efficiency and enhanced collections. Our team of laboratory billing experts and AAPC-certified coders working hand-in-hand with you make sure your business objectives are met , consistently delivering top-notch billing services.