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Radiology, the branch of science consisting of complex medical imaging techniques to carry out treatment of the internal human body diseases. Getting reimbursement for the services is altogether a more complex process. Downward reimbursement pressure, increasing infrastructure costs, and shifts in payer choices are creating challenges for all types of radiology medical billing practices. With ever-changing payer requirements and so many forces negatively impacting the profit margins, it has become more important for the providers to ensure they are collecting every available dollar they have earned.

Radiology Medical Billing

Since Bikham opened its doors in 2005, we have been providing comprehensive radiology revenue cycle management services to hospital-based physician groups, independent imaging centers, and medical centers throughout the country. We have a developed, refined and customized methodology that helps our radiology practices increase revenue and decrease compliance risks. And we will continue to do this no matter what change healthcare reforms introduce upon the radiology practices in the coming future.

Radiology medical billing is one of our core competencies and the reason why dozens of radiology practices have entrusted their financial health to us over this span of thirteen years. Our radiology medical billing and coding experts identify the complex Medicare, Medicaid or any commercial payer requirements related to charge capturing correct documentation, and billing practices for the benefit of your practice. We continually invest in advanced technology and software developed specifically for radiology billing, coding, and collections.

Medical Imaging Services

We have a staff of specialized medical billers and certified coders with a good experience. We regularly carry out special training to keep them in pace with changes in Healthcare policies and reforms. We take coding for radiology practices to a level that no other billing company can approach. Our focus on documentation improvement and education is simply unmatched. Our team of radiology revenue cycle management professionals becomes a seamless extension to your department or practice. You will begin to enjoy the advantage of outsourcing your professional or global billing to them, benefits that many of your colleagues may already have realized. Plus, you get a chance to focus on your patients more and increase the collections at the same time. Bikham Healthcare allows you to reduce the workload on your front desk office staff directly enhancing patient satisfaction.

With the nourishing 13 years on-hand industry experience we stand out from the crowd. What’s more? With the ISO 27001:2013 accreditation, our bottom line has grown up just enough to be able to support your bottom line. So you do not have to think about going anywhere else when all gets done here with ease.

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