Cash Flow Management Services

Cash Flow Management Services

Whether you are evaluating cash flow management techniques for the first time or fine tuning a sophisticated existing system. Every company has unique challenges, but cash flow management is often among the most important.

Bikham is here to provide you with the expertise and long-term commitment to help you develop and maintain the most cost-effective, efficient cash flow management system possible. A good cash flow management system can improve profits, reduce expenses, protect assets and improve internal functions.

A viable proposition alternative is to outsource cash management to a professional service provider. This kind of partnership frees you from the burden of managing routine cash flow management tasks and puts the focus back on acquiring new customers and solidifying stakeholder relationships.

Bikham have the business experience to analyze the cash systems and make practical recommendations on how you are forecasting, controlling, receiving, disbursing and investing funds. Cash flow management is one tool to help you maintain that control.

Cash Flow Management services can include:

  • Strategic cash planning and analysis.
  • Reducing the time required for the lender quarterly examinations, resulting in savings to your business.
  • Conducting a detailed review to determine how the cash flow position can be improved by accounts receivable, inventory and purchasing requirements.
  • Demonstrating the methods to improve the collection process of accounts receivable.
  • Preparing short-term and long-term cash flow planning spreadsheet reports.

Cash Flow Management Process

  • Generally, we begin proceedings by first understanding your business in detail. It gives us insight into nuances that may be unique to your business operations.
  • In the Later process, we delve into understanding how your finances are being handled currently. Subsequently, we take the time to study various other components such as accounts payables / Receivables, Credit Terms, Cash Flow Statements, and Inventory Management etc.

Following are the Cash Flow Forecasting Services We Offer

  • Reviewing Financial Contracts
  • Daily Cash Flow Report Maintenance (Deposits, Sales, Expenses)
  • Managing Electronic Payments
  • Accounts Payables and Receivables
  • Fraud Management
  • Credit Card Report Reconciliation
  • Cash Flow Forecasting And Planning
  • Financial Risk Management
  • Cash Flow Budgeting
  • Bank Statements Reconciliation

Types of Cash Flows:

Planning Cash Flows: Similar to cash flow budgeting, cash flow planning will give you estimated future cash inflows in detail. Through monthly statements, you will be able to efficiently plan for future investments, fundraising, and budgeting.

Budgeting Cash Flows: Budgeting allows for predicting inflow and outflow of cash to a higher degree of accuracy.

Types of Cash Flows:

  • On-time project delivery within budget.
  • The expert core team that consists of accounting professionals, process management consultants, financial analysts, and chartered accountants.
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure and business continuity methods.
  • Robust physical and data security measures.
  • Access to outsourcing management best practices.