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Emergency medical billing services or EMS are the services which come in handy when an instant medical aid is required somewhere.

They are specially introduced to provide medical assistance to the patients out of the hospital or transport them if they are severely injured and unable to move.

The organizations who offer these services possess highly trained paramedics and equipment to provide immediate medical aid to the patients who need it, at home or somewhere out of the hospital. EMS also covers inter-facility transport along with fire and law enforcement services.

Ambulance medical billing is a niche specialty, with increasing denials and delayed reimbursements, business owners are on the look-out for good billing partners more now than ever.

EMS medical billing services

Our Ambulance medical billing services are tailored for EMS and supervised by billing experts having several years of experience in Ambulance billing. Besides billing services, we take minute details related to claims and cash flow into consideration to ensure maximum reimbursement. We ensure that claims, whether simple or complex are managed in the most comprehensive manner.

Medical Billing – EMS:

Emergency medical ambulance services (EMAS) require billing i.e. service fee is charged for any kind of medical assistance like paramedic aid, ambulance travel etc. These charges are usually included in the insurance premiums that people pay through any private company which means that if a patient has health insurance, then the fee for medical transportation or assistance are billed to the insurance organizations.

Medical Coding – EMS:

Medical coding experts make sure that the CPT codes allocated during billing are accurate. The coding process comprises of extracting data from the documentation and assigning the error-free codes prior to creating a claim.

The Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) or HCPCS codes applied to create a claim for ambulance medical billing services range from A0021-A0999 with different modifiers. Ambulance modifiers include a single digit character to identify both origin and destination of the transport which are written below:

  • D: D modifier is used for the Diagnostic site other than physician’ workplace or hospital;
  • E: E is used for Residential, custodial facility (other than 1819 facility), domiciliary;
  • G: G is used for Hospital-based End-Stage Renal Disease facility;
  • H: H stands for Hospital;
  • I: I modifier is used for the Site of transfer between modes of ambulance transport.
  • J: J is applied to Free-standing End-Stage Renal Disease facility;
  • N: N is applied to L Skilled nursing facility;
  • P: P stands for Physician’s workplace;
  • R: R stands for Residence;
  • S: S is used for the Scene of the accident;
  • X: X is applied for an Intermediate stop at physician’s office while going to hospital.

Ambulance medical billing services

Ambulance medical billing services : To outsource or not ?

In-house ambulance medical billing services:

The doctor has to hire staff to handle the billing process. Besides, they have to be trained regularly.
A lack of niche expertise thus ultimately leads to dismay and a backlog of denials.

Outsourcing ambulance medical billing services:

First-off, outsourcing is cheaper than in-house staff, in many cases ¼ of the cost. Another benefit of outsourcing or hiring a third party medical billing service is that they are always up to date with new terminologies and coding techniques, as a result, there is a lower possibility claims getting rejected. Outsourcing agencies always show consistency towards their work as they have allotted specific roles and responsibilities to every single individual of the staff.

Bikham, the leading outsourcing medical billing company, is well-versed in providing ambulance medical billing services. The services provided are top of the line and for over 13 years we have been experts at generating high revenues and continual cash flow.

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