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Oncology Billing Services

Our Comprehensive Oncology Medical Billing Services

Bikham's expertise as a oncology billing company is unmatched in the market. We excel at providing comprehensive medical oncology billing services and radiation oncology billing services and our 13 years of industry experience stands testament. Our team sets out to achieve the satisfaction of our clients through our industry expertise. Bikham offers you the opportunity to avail the following services:

  • Keeping an eye on copays, deductibles, and fee schedules
  • Managing regular code audit checks
  • Creating comprehensible patient statements
  • Mitigating claims denial & rejection
  • Developing customized reports to monitor cash flow stuck with payers

Oncology is the study of cancer and tumors. It usually includes complex long running treatment cycles where the patient is subject to multiple tests and procedural visits requiring authorizations and follow-ups with the designated oncologist. The treatment itself might sometimes be deemed painstakingly long but along with the treatment comes the administrative duties to be performed. Billing and coding throughout the process needs to be handled carefully and with great attention to detail. That's where our expertise steps in and avails you the option to outsource your medical billing services to our professionals at Bikham and let us handle your complex oncology billing and coding process.

This is where our 13 years of field expertise comes into play. Our team of certified professionals are guaranteed of managing your billing and coding process with astute precision. Always updated with the ever changing insurance and federal billing guidelines, we make sure of assigning the designated codes accurately, generating a higher flow of revenue for your practice.

We have consistently been the foremost choice of physicians, hospitals and diagnostic centers across the globe. Below is a list of our credentials:

  • Certification from The American Association of Professional Coders (AAPC)
  • Operate medical billing software such as 1st Providers Choice, Athena, ChiroTouch, Greenway Prime Suite, Lytec, Medisoft and many more
  • Expert in assigning standard CPT, HCPCS procedure and supply codes
  • Successful track-record of processing medical bills with leading commercial carriers
  • Skilled enough to negotiate successfully with Medicare and state-specific Medicaid policies.

Outsourcing oncology billing and coding services to Bikham:

Outsourcing oncology billing services to Bikham would be the best decision for your practice as we have an extraordinary team to handle diverse billing and coding processes in order to generate high revenue for the clients and help them focus more on their business. We provide billing and coding services for all almost all types of cancer treatments like chemotherapy, hormone therapy, female reproductive system, blood and lymphatic system, histopathology and many more.

Outsourcing your oncology medical billing services to Bikham would allow you to reap huge benefits and lower your administrative workload. We house a team-extraordinaire more than capable of handling your diverse and billing and coding needs. Providing billing and coding services for everything an oncology practitioner might require, be it chemotherapy, hormone therapy, blood and lymphatic system, histopathology etc.

Choosing to outsource your billing services to us avails you to enjoy our proactive billing management cycle's benefits yielding advantages like:

  • Simplification of revenue cycle
  • Considerable rise in reimbursement and revenue
  • More patient inflow and referrals


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