health record is created any time you see a health professional such as a doctor, nurse, dentist, chiropractor, or psychiatrist. You could find the following in your health record:

  • Your medical history and your family’s medical history
  • Labs and x-rays
  • Medications prescribed
  • Alcohol use and sexual activity
  • Details about your lifestyle (smoking, exercise, recreational drug use, high-risk sports, stress levels)
  • Doctor/nurse notes
  • Results of operations and proceduresGenetic testing
  • Research participation
  • Driver’s License
  • Social Security Number
  • Financial information such as credit cards and payment info

We would make our best efforts to get it completed not more than 3-7 days for you. We would just need to access your Practice management software remotely through a desktop connection. It would not take much time to get your medical billing up and running until unless you are registered as a new practitioner. In such case, you might take a bit longer frame of time than usual.

We will assign an experienced personal team of billing experts to manage your account. Our team will work on a “team” billing approach to provide you needful one point of contact for any communication.

It will take just 24 hours after receipt to prepare your claims for processing.

Of course, we can do that job for you. We own a team in the follow-up department who has the expertise to follow up old aging accounts easily.

For registering with our company, you just need to follow two simple steps. (i) Fill up a Startup Checklist (ii) Sign a Billing Agreement. Once both of these processes are finished, we can go further to begin the work.

Yes, we do. But first, we need all billing–related questions from your staff directly to us, either through email or by any other suitable channel. If you like, you can also divert all the billing related calls to our phone.

It is not true, and you do not need to worry about it. In spite, outsourcing your work to a professional expert team can allow you to have a better control over your medical billing than before. Even you can request a detailed report anytime or you may simply put up any query to trouble a dedicated account manager.

Of course, we would be pleased to take care of all the insurances. Moreover, we can manage Secondary Insurance claims also.

We can distribute claims by utilizing electronic means to those Cos that are proficient with EMC (Electronic Medical Claims). Also, we process definite payers on paper, the reason being, the latter ones are paid relatively faster.

Yes, with our dedicated efforts, we can follow-up and track down all unpaid claims through needful corrections/ improvements. We can also communicate with your staff members to collect any additional information to ensure that all these pending/unpaid claims get paid soon.

Our skilled and devoted team of experts holds a combined expertise of more than 25 years. They have laudable records to achieve various tough targets successfully.

At Bikham, we always maintain a complete transparency, so that we can offer you an accurate and comprehensive report that is quite easy to understand also. We always look forward to the valuable comments and feedback from our customers to see some useful recommendations. Therefore, by taking in to account all above factors, Bikham has been considered as professionally best compared to other medical billing and coding Cos.

No matter we have taken over your Account Receivable follow up process but it would be really great if you continue working on your existing AR follow up in healthcare for at least 45 days. In case you are still facing issues then our AR team would take pleasure to handle all those issues as well. If still any of your queries have been remained pending then feel free to call us and we would be pleased to solve all your problems.

At Bikham Healthcare, we have created a system that authorizes expert intervention whenever any problem is raised. This system always makes sure that no a single issue is missed without any treatment and all unpaid payments from payers are processed successfully. Moreover, we regularly investigate reimbursement information to ensure that our clients have received the maximum possible amount.