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Medicine has advanced leaps and bounds over the last few decades. A lot of it is owed to the influx of modern day technology. Technology has enabled the world of healthcare to provide amazingly precise diagnosis and in turn allowed medical practitioners to deduce an accurate prognosis, which goes a long way to help patients and healthcare providers both. Medical Imaging Service is where the use of technology is most apparent during the course of a diagnosis. Ranging from conventional radiology to a wide range of specialized techniques, including Ultrasound, Bone densitometry, CT, MRI, etc. Pretty much-covering everything from diagnosis to prevention or just a regular health assessment. The use of Imaging tools is apparent throughout.

Medical Imaging Service

Providing Medical Imaging Service is the job of a healthcare practitioner, likewise providing Medical Billing for Imaging Services is the job of another trained professional. No matter how proficient a practitioner may be in providing accurate diagnosis and prognosis. The billing and coding aspect of the practice needs to be under the purview of trained professionals. Denial percentage is reduced which directly helps your financial well-being.

Providers offering 3rd party Medical Billing For Imaging Services ensure that their billing is clear and concise, whilst accurately coding. Filing claims in due time and following up on Account Receivables. The ever-changing billing codes and guidelines need to be kept up with to ensure no faulty claims are submitted which may come back around to hurt your practice. A Medical Imaging Centre must at all times maintain a certain standard of services, statutory or otherwise. While consistently improving upon the quality of services rendered.

Whatever the challenges may be for your Medical Imaging practice, the billing will be in the hands of Bikham Healthcare’s experts who understand the unique characteristics of your practice.

Medical Imaging Service

Bikham Healthcare provides a portfolio of services that can be tailored and blended to meet your set of unique challenges and help you achieve your performance goals. Directly translating into a smooth flowing revenue stream.

Our package of services doesn’t just end at Billing and coding. We ensure 100% revenue cycle management so that not a strand of back-end administrative duties are neglected. Allowing you as a healthcare professional to enjoy time doing what you do best. We ensure our clients find time for themselves without having to worry about their billing and coding practices.

Our industry expertise that goes back to over 13 years stands testament to our proficiency. It has enabled us to achieve the highest level of efficiency and our work is recognized all over the country.
We’re 100% HIPPA compliant and ISO/IEC:27001:2013 certified which further solidifies our position as a long-standing Healthcare Industry expert.

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