Why us?

Established in 2005, Bikham is a multinational professional services company providing services in Healthcare, Technology, Education & Finance.
From Revenue Cycle Management to Financial Services, Education Management to IT solutions for its clients, Bikham has been the reliable, go-to provider for over 18 Years.

Client success is pivotal at Bikham.
We’ve long believed, working respectfully and collaboratively with clients is the key to mutual success.
Trust, focus, exceptional service, approachability, and expertise is a just way of life at Bikham.

When asked, what would be a good tag line for Bikham, Harman Dhawan, the founder of the company responded in less than a split second:
“It's the pursuit..” A pursuit of what can be…

Transformation Journey


Bikham Information Systems formed.

We kick-started by forming Bikham Information Systems, and as a start we wrote, created, developed and published over 900 e-books.


Incorporated Bikham Information Technology.

BIS was incorporated as Bikham Information Technology to carry on KPO services.


US Healthcare division launched.

Launched the US Healthcare Division of Bikham offering Revenue Cycle Management Solutions nationwide.


Introduced the IT Division.

The IT division of Bikham was launched helping business owners with custom IT support solutions, providing them a competitive edge.


Bikham Academia launched.

The most recent venture, Bikham Academia was formed in 2019 to empower students to make a bright career.

Office Locations