HOW TO KEEP ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE FLOWING?   Unless you are actually in the collection business, there is a good chance that you have quite a few higher priorities than managing your company’s accounts receivable. You might even delegate that task out to an assistant or employee without much thought. However, when those receivables stop flowing into your bank account, all of a sudden the accounts receivable department becomes a top priority. In order to prevent serious accounts receivable problems before they get started, here are... Read More

Most healthcare companies are very well known to the importance of Medical Billing Data Entry and Demographic Entry Services. It contains every single piece of information related to the patient which can directly affect the payment of insurance claims. An accurate and error-free patient demographic entry is very crucial for claims submission as it allows faster processing of claims by the insurance company. Both Demographic Entry and Medical Billing Data Entry Services are not so easy for a non-professional to prepare and file it successfully.... Read More

In the complexity of today’s administrative processes and revenue cycle processes, handling the medical billing in-house is a cumbersome task for most health groups and individual practitioners. On the other side, outsourcing medical billing services help health groups to focus more on their patients and save resources and money. Medical billing outsourcing services depend on many factors such as practice size, revenue cycle, clinical service and much more. With an evolving and growing practice, a doctor or a healthcare group needs immaculate billing and effective... Read More

Healthcare’s Medical Billing is a cumbersome task, especially in a digital environment where regulations & guidelines are changing constantly every day. Technology can boost your organization’s performance i.e. implementing an EHR – Electronic Health Record can dramatically streamline doctor’s workflow and smoothen the communication with patients & peers. In the in-house medical billing, you require a highly skilled & experienced team and a lot of resources which is very costly to you i.e. hospitals & medical practitioners have invested hundreds of dollars in preparing billing... Read More

Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) is also referred as the lifeline of any medical practice. Many physicians sometimes mistakenly find a Revenue Cycle Management Company similar to Practice medical billing company. RCM medical billing is more extensive than medical billing which involves coding and billing, denial management, claim processing, patient payments, and revenue generation. End to end revenue cycle solutions for an increased revenue stream involves time management and the practice workflow that starts at the time of registration. Here, eligibility for patient’s insurance policy is... Read More

When you give your DME billing in Bikham's hands, be prepared for Reduced DSO by managing timely AR & Denials Accurate Billing by trained staff A compliance check of all Rentals & Purchases per Medicare LCDs & other Commercial Payers Structured AR & Denial Management. Try Bikham's DME Billing services !!! payday loans in montana Read More