Emergency Room Billing Services - Medical Billing and Coding

Emergency Room Billing is a real challenge for physicians and healthcare firms. It includes the processing of claims for various medical procedures performed by a physician to the insurance companies. Any minor error in medical bills and insurance claims will lead to the denial of claims that could critically affect the cash flow of a healthcare practice. Therefore, it is the utmost necessity for outsourcing Emergency Room Billing task to a professional medical billing company that will avoid undue hassles associated with the complexity of Emergency Room Billing Services.

Bikham is an experienced and HIPAA-compliant company, offering end to end financial and Emergency Room Billing Services that are necessary to help emergency medicine physician practices to control costs, increase cash flow, and reduce compliance risks. All our basic aim of helping emergency medicine practices resides on their patients.

We work on demand round the clock to help your ER practice, just on a single phone call.

Emergency Room Billing Services

When it comes to dealing with Emergency Room Billing Services, we never confine ourselves to a specific area of healthcare. Our dedicated team of AAPC-certified coders is well-versed in coding and billing for all range of medical specialties.

Our list of specialized services is highlighted below:

  • Hospital or Emergency Inpatient Coding
  • ICD-10-CM, ICD-9-CM, CPT, & APC coding for Emergency Room Billing Services
  • Payer-specific Coding
  • Protocols for Hospital Coding
  • Resolution services for Backlog Coding
  • Ongoing emergency medicine coding
  • Audits of Medical Coding
  • Temporary emergency medicine coding services for coverage of vacation or sick leave.
  • Documentation training of nursing staff
  • Documentation training of Physician s
  • Deficiency reporting of Physician group documentation
  • Review of Compliance.

Key Features of Our Emergency Room Billing Services

  • Routine QA investigation along with readily available Client’s reports
  • Web-based medical billing software may or may not be part of a complete EMR system.
  • Flexibility in using your current billing software or use our own medical billing software.
  • Weekly discussion of the progress and go over reports.

Our Systematic Cycle of Payment Processing involves;

  • Patient’s enrollment: We enroll the patient’s insurance and demographic particulars including name, date of birth, sex, address, and other needful details into the system, upon arrival at your practice.
  • Verification and Authorization: We verify patient’s insurance coverage benefits to ensure his/her claim eligibility.
  • Audit and claim submission: Based on the rules of specific carriers and locations, our charge team generates a charge. Then our audit team verifies the accuracy of claims based on carrier requirements.
  • Posting of Payment: Payments are applied using the software against the original patient account. Needful refund requests or appeals are created according to over/ low payments and also forwarded the same to analysts for essential action.
  • Collection and Analysis of AR: Any outstanding Accounts Receivable payments are obtained from insurers as well as patients with a needful action from AR analysts.

Emergency Room Physician Factors

  • In an Emergency Room with high-patient volumes, physicians have to work under extreme pressure. They are often overloaded and forced to work promptly besides being exhaustive in their diagnoses.
  • Documentation requirements in an emergency room are much more demanding than other medical areas.
  • Such a system in emergency rooms is rarely cost effective due to expansive diagnostics and testing that rarely go unaccounted by insurance payers.
  • Moreover, emergency room treatment can further add to the problem due to several specialties, such as primary care, surgical care, pain management, diagnostics/labs, and much more.
  • In such overburdened situation, it would be unrealistic to expect ER doctors and staff to be administratively perfect, so they deserve professional help.
  • At Bikham, we adeptly assist ER staff on the back-end to reconcile billing errors, and in turn, also help to avoid the occurrence of any front-end errors in the future.
  • Our versatile team dedicatedly and efficiently serves emergency room doctors and staff members so that they can truly focus on their patients.

Emergency Room Patient Factors

  • Mostly Patient’s visits to ER are unplanned, and they are either one-time or first-time visitors. So, hospital staff should be more vigilant about collecting needful patient’s insurance and demographic information upon their arrival.
  • Billing and claim processing is difficult and time-consuming as most patients in ER are one-time visitors.
  • Most patients are unaware of the billing process; therefore, patient support and follow-up are critical for the timely collections.
  • At Bikham Healthcare, we have the expertise to manage bills of all Emergency Room patients’.
  • We accept payments, send out statements, and time to time remind overdue ER patients to pay dues.
  • We maintain a regular follow-up with Emergency Room patients for all Emergency Room Billing Service inquiries, and guidance for easy online payment options, that ensure an improved percentage of timely payments.

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