Patient Demographic Entries Services & Medical Billing Services

Most healthcare companies are very well known to the importance of Medical Billing Data Entry and Demographic Entry Services. It contains every single piece of information related to the patient which can directly affect the payment of insurance claims. An accurate and error-free patient demographic entry is very crucial for claims submission as it allows faster processing of claims by the insurance company.

Both Demographic Entry and Medical Billing Data Entry Services are not so easy for a non-professional to prepare and file it successfully. Therefore, it would not be a bad idea for you to outsource your Medical Billing Data Entry and Demographic Entry Services tasks to a trusted and reliable provider and ensure a successful claims processing.

At Bikham Healthcare, we have owned a skilled and experienced team of medical billing professionals that have gained expertise to file all needful data more quickly, accurately, and at lower costs taken from the shared demographic sheet of the patient and finally transfer it to the payers.

What do we offer in medical billing data entry and demographic entry services?

As a leading and trusted medical billing provider, we offer reliable and efficient services across different specialties, regions, and payer sources. Our various processes of Medical Billing and Demographic Entry Services Includes;

Patient’s Demographics Entry

It involves the entry of needful information related to a Patient’s Name, Address, Residence, City, State, PIN/Zip Code, Social Security Number, Employer and Insurance Details.

Charge Entry in Medical Billing & Demographics Entry Services

Here, Encounter Forms or Super-Bills are used to get important details like Referring Physician, Rendering Physician, Date of Service, Place of Service, Type of Service, ICD Codes, CPT Codes, Modifiers, Authorization or Referral Details, and Details of Co-pay.

Payment Posting in Demographic Entry Services

Private Checks/ EOB /Scanned credit card statements are used to access needful details like Patient Name, Account Number, Control Number, Date of Service, Billed Amount, Allowed Amount, Procedure Code, Adjusted Amount, Paid Amount, Denial Details, Deductibles, Refunds, Reconciliation, and Offsets.

Transmission of Charge Entries

Charge entries for claims are electronically transmitted to various payer sources. These paper claims are printed remotely whenever required and finally transferred to our partners’ offices. All encountered transmission problems related to Claims are fixed with a high priority.

Follow up of Accounts Receivable and Claims

Regular follow-up services for Accounts Receivable and Claims are provided by our group of skilled Medical billing and Demographic Entry Services professionals who remain in regular touch with payers and patients for various different processes such as, Denials / Rejections Analysis, Re-billing, Systemic A/R projects, Insurance or Patient’s Follow Up, Collection Agency Reporting, Tracking and Management Reports.

What are our strengths in Medical Billing Data Entry and Demographic Entry Services?

  • Quick turnaround time.
  • Regular and consistent delivery of error-free coding across all specialties.
  • Complete Document and Data Security.
  • A secured information and data transfer by utilizing a reliable networking software and hardware including VPN and FTP sites.
  • Persistence in Business Services.
  • Handling surges in volumes with sufficient workforce.

Why Choose Us?

At Bikham Healthcare, our talented medical billing experts are motivated to deliver top-notch Medical Billing Data Entry and Demographic Entry Services and they also ensure of getting claims sent to payers quickly, accurately and at lower costs.

  • Stepwise Auditing
  • Dedicated Account manager
  • Use of latest and updated software or technology
  • Zero Billing Errors Benefits
  • Accurate claims Submission
  • Quick and streamlined cash flow
  • Stringent decrease in denials

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