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Are you worried about the endless IT issues that wreck your productivity hours & embezzle your business resources for a long period of time?

A reliable IT Support service can fix all technical problems under one roof & make your business to stand in the top rankings. At Bikham B2B IT Support service, our proactive techies not only maintain your systems up-to-date but also rectify the day to day issues with highly advanced & customized tools. In the constant changing era of technologies, we follow up the latest ideas & realities to support your business’ growth in every aspect. Our services include every type of business’ i.e. small, medium & big. We provide avant-garde enterprise IT Support services ensuring complete security from unauthorized thefts &troubleshooting of every IT domain of your organization.

Outsourcing to Bikham B2B IT Support services means that you choose a 24/7 backup plan for your business that handles every critical situation such as data loss, a security issue, OS problems, Database complications and much more. We are available at every step to maximize your revenue graph by minimizing every type of risks.

Our services include:

  • Operating System Errors – Our professional team has expertise in all platforms i.e. Windows, Linux/Unix or Mac. We diagnose & rectify every issue with our advanced remote access tools to ensure complete customer satisfaction. OS issues such as virus/malware protection, firewall checks, data backup, administrative login & passwords, software compatibility, junk files removal and much more can be sorted by us.
  • Database Problems – Our qualified DBA’s (Database Administrators) can manage your data warehouse with best authentication & encryption tools. They are experts in every database tool like SqlServer, MySql, Oracle, DB2, Sybase and much more which helps them to rectify the on-site or off-site errors within time.
  • Server Management –Maintaining a business server online is the most important factor to make their services accessible to their clients. We protect your server from security theft, data loss, & from any unwanted critical situation and help your server online 24/7. Our advanced staff performs regular analysis of your server health & use high-tech tools for data backup & recovery.
  • Remote IT Networking – Our Cisco certified network admins never let you go offline whatever may be the circumstances. We hire CCNA, MCSE, CCNP & RHCE certified network admins who have expertise in every networking issue troubleshooting. wired or wireless setups, router configurations, internet connection problems, firewall installations & much more. They monitor every device (hubs, switches, servers & routers) status &troubleshoots every problem of them.
  • Firewall installation & troubleshooting–We offer comprehensive firewall protection & solution to every issue such as installation, port-addressing, proxy server, IP address, packet filtering, & much more.
  • Cloud Computing –We manage end to end service integration of cloud hosting, maintenance, & storage procedures to provide your business a robust infrastructure with quick response time. The cutting-edge high-end hardware & virtualization technology accelerates your services, enabling a smooth working environment.
  • SAP Platform Services – Our experienced SAP consulting executives support a wide range of SAP enterprise applications & maximize profits on your existing SAP ERP platform. We manage your business’ SAP module from strategic planning to training activities. Our services include new module planning, testing, BI cube creation, SAP functionality analysis and much more.
  • Disaster Recovery Services – Our strong backup plans for every critical situation help your business to stay online forever. The highly advanced tools for data backup & recovery keeps safe the physical or virtual servers from man-made or natural catastrophes.

Why Bikham B2B IT Support Services:

  • Better Cost-Effectiveness
  • Higher Tech Support Efficiency
  • Flexible Support Hours
  • Remote Access is Less Intrusive
  • Faster Response
  • Reduced IT costs
  • Improved network performance

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