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Cardiology deals with diagnosis and treatment related to the disorders of the heart as well as the parts of the circulatory system. With shifting payment models, new government mandates, innovative digital health technologies, and the latest ICD-10 codes, Cardiology medical billing practices face many challenges which may hamper the reimbursement process.

Our dedicated team of billing experts gives your work an extra edge by adding accuracy, enhancing productivity and increasing revenue. The highly qualified team of coders successfully analyzes the operations performed, the kind of equipment used and the appropriate qualifier codes. They can easily identify and code the cardiology billing solutions procedures like Angioplasty, Pacemaker implantation, Cardiac Catheterization, Ventricular assist devices etc.


From demographics entry to coding, from charges entry to submission or from payment posting to follow-up, all gets done with ease and expertise. With the extensive 13 years of billing experience, we make sure that your cash flow is hassle free, within time and you can concentrate more on your patients. Outsourcing your Cardiology billing services to us will really help in reducing around 40% of your overhead costs. Our stringent quality checks ensure that there is a minimum rate of denials and a continuous support for cardiology documentation audits.

Cardiology medical billing includes all the services related to cardiology from procedural to diagnostic. Insurance companies demand accurate documentation for each procedure and services performed. Accurate documentation requires knowledge of cardiology codes, coding rules, and all compliance standards. In some situations, Insurance companies may challenge the judgment of a provider for making a procedure necessary. Therefore, it’s important for cardiologists to provide an up to date and correct report on the patient’s current condition. Disapproval of medical opinion is easy if there are no supporting documents for the claim, and reimbursement for the procedures performed may be declined due to the lack of documentation.


Bikham Healthcare, with the nourishing 13 years on-hand industry experience stands out from the crowd. With the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 accreditation, our bottom line has grown up just enough to be able to support your bottom line. We have a complete set of Cardiology Medical Billing Services, well tailored to meet the ever-changing insurance standards so you do not have to worry about any kind of backlogs. Our highly qualified team provides efficient Cardiology billing solutions ensuring a complete error-free submission of clean claims thereby allowing you to achieve swift reimbursements for the services rendered.


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