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Every chiropractor looks for effective and quick billing to increase their revenue. However, with the continuous code updates and changing reimbursement guidelines, an effective revenue cycle management is essential for the medical practitioners.

Due to the updates and changes in coding and regulations respectively, the increased amount of work related to chiropractic medical billing practice has made it hard for primary care physicians to concentrate on their practice which creates multiple obstacles during the insurance claim processing.

Problems that chiropractors face:

  • Lack of accountability in the workplace and knowledge of coding system which leads to denials and slow cash flow.
  • Shortage of the tracking system required for billing results in issues with account receivables and collections.
    Cancellation of appointments and vacant time slots resulting in lower revenues and slow cash flow.
  • In order to overcome these issues and help business flourish, most of the practitioners outsource specialized chiropractic claims billing services. Whilst choosing the best billing company, make sure that they have the right tools and expertise to help you run your chiropractic business smoothly.

Why Bikham?

Medical coding services offered by our company are top of the line and our billing and coding team possess in-depth knowledge of the coding process of chiropractic services and procedures. We own the required tools and are perfectly capable and experienced to handle the complications related to RCM, helping you get your claims as swiftly as possible.

As a reliable and trusted chiropractor medical billing services provider, we have been able to achieve a high success rate of claim reimbursement. Our billers and coders ensure a smooth cash flow and higher reimbursement revenues which directly impact the practice’s business resulting in prospering of the practice and exponential growth in the revenue stream.

What drives us:

Our sole aim is to obtain maximum reimbursement and our experts possess that professional efficacy in order to achieve their goal and live up to the chiropractors’ expectation. We can assist you to boost your revenue along with the cutback in the number of denials and unpaid claims. Our professional chiropractor also provide you with the less, yet proper paperwork and more successful claims which results in the betterment of your business. We are going to familiarize you with the services provided by our experts on the floor.

Medical Insurance Verification

  • Insurance eligibility verification
  • Processing of claims takes less time
  • Proper and error-free assigning of codes
  • Accurate analysis of account receivables
  • Regular follow-ups with the insurance providers
  • Daily, weekly and monthly reports

We understand that chiropractic billing and coding is a tricky and a complicated process.
Which is why we make sure we do the best job possible helping you reimburse with all the codes assigned correctly. Outsourcing your billing practices to us will be the best decision you ever make because we make sure you never have a bad pay-day.

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