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Physical Therapy Medical billing services are employed to obtain payments for the physiotherapy services rendered as a part of treatment. Here is what needs to be known.

Physical therapy or physiotherapy is a field of healthcare that involves the use of mechanical force and movements to remediate impairments and promote mobility and function.

Physical Therapy Medical Billing Service

The physical therapy specialty deals with the evaluation and diagnosis of disabilities and injuries and physical intervention. In simple words, Physical therapy medical billing is an approach to care that aims to ease pain and help you function, move and live better.

Physical therapy may be required to:

  • Relieve pain
  • Improve movement or ability
  • Recover from a sports injury
  • Prevent disability or surgery
  • Recover after a stroke, accident, injury or surgery
  • Practicing body balance
  • Management of diabetes, heart disease or arthritis
  • Recover after you give birth
  • Control your bowels or bladder
  • Adapt to an artificial limb
  • Getting used to assistive devices like walkers, cane or crutches
  • Get a splint or brace

Physiotherapists employ certain procedures for providing treatment to their patients. Some of the popular and widely practiced procedures are:

  • Cardiovascular and pulmonary physiotherapy
  • Electrophysiology therapy
  • Integumentary therapy
  • Neurological therapy
  • Pediatric physical therapy

Physiotherapy medical billing practices have unique challenges in navigating through medical and injury coverage, prior authorization requirements, therapy coverage, functional limitation reporting, analyzing referral sources and estimating patient balances.

Physical therapy medical billing services, coding, and reimbursement policies are different from others in the medical industry. Getting the claims processed effectively and managing bills is of great significance in every physical therapy practice. Timely claim submission and proper reimbursement can contribute a lot to your financial strength. Many physical therapy practices use wrong codes for services provided and therefore, get underpaid.

Physical Therapy Medical Billing Service

All these challenges in billing make physiotherapists opt for outsourcing their billing service. Outsourcing benefits you in a comprehensive manner. Having a right business partner can help you increase business value and collections at the same time. The cost of having an in-house billing staff is reduced to a great extent and you get an access to a skilled manpower without having to spend on their training.

Outsourcing can give your business ample time to focus on its strengths, allowing your staff to concentrate on their main tasks and on future strategies. Choosing an outsourcing company that specializes in the process or service you want them to carry out for you can help you achieve a more productive, efficient service, often of greater quality. It also gives you access to capabilities and facilities otherwise not accessible or affordable. Additionally, it will help you leverage knowledge and skills along with your complete supply chain.

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