You Know Why Medical Billing and Coding Services are Important?

Administrating the revenue cycle process is not an easy task, especially when you are a medical practitioner dealing with staff, patients and tons of Medical Billing and coding services claims at the same time – the procedure is strenuous to say the least.

You would rather want to go with an immaculate Medical Billing and Coding Service than to be always worried about the billing of your practice.

If stats are to be believed; there is no better choice than to handover the Medical Billing and coding services of your practice to an experienced medical billing company. Besides, it saves you precious time, energy and money.

It matters not if you are a start-up or a veteran provider, outsourcing your Medical Billing and coding services is a pretty hassle-free and a necessary contribution to the performance enhancement of your practice.

With profit margins depleting due to strict medical guidelines, in-house medical billing is becoming a tedious job to stick to.

Speaking of insurance regulations, ICD-10 codes and other practice standards and several other international medical guidelines – doctors and physicians are left with no other choice but to go with Outsource Medical Billing Services.


  • 10 to 15 percent of average RCM collection.
  • No obligation on ROI for calculating operational savings.
  • Full compliance with medical billing.
  • Fewer errors in billing procedure.
  • More focus on patient satisfaction.
  • Complete abidance to ICD-10 coding.
  • Quality Assurance.
  • Increased chances of getting paid.
  • Less stress and more cash flow.
  • Better user experience.

Bikham has been providing medical billing services for over 13+ years. We offer you cost effective and efficient revenue cycle management services to empower your practice.

We promise to shorten the time of “bill filing process” and boost your revenue by 25 percent, at least.
Our team is potent enough to distribute your resources amongst the clientele for better exposure.

We believe that physicians should have more time for patients and for themselves as well.
You will feel the change in your annual revenue, perhaps your life, once we start working with you.

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