Chiropractic Medical Billing Services

Chiropractic Medical Billing Services

Adherence to complex chiropractic billing requirements, keeping in tandem with the state regulations, timely claims submissions and submitting cleaner claims.

All this will ensure timely reimbursements.

As a Chiropractor however, striking a balance between patient care and everything above can prove to be extremely difficult.

The healthcare landscape has never been more competitive, the steep rise in number of practices means every claim counts.

Chiropractic billing is complicated. Getting reimbursed can be a pain.

This is a big challenge for small practices. Quite often, getting paid on time is what separates a practice that grows steadily from a practice that fizzles out into the competition.

How do you get paid on time then?

More focus on Billing.

How does one find time for that?

That's the crucial part.

Hiring specialized billing staff, adept at billing for chiropractic services, isn't feasible for most chiropractic practice owners. Budget are not flexible, most wear several hats, constantly struggling to find time and juggling various roles within the healthcare delivery process.

Engaging in billing activities is what many Chiropractors end up doing. This however can take hours of their usual work day. Hours that can be spent with patients, generating revenue and growing the practice.

Expert help to the rescue!

Be it specialized staff or a third party chiropractic billing services provider. It is imperative that chiropractors seek help of experts.

The cost varies, in-house billing team being the costlier option, but working with expert billing teams yields results.

And that's what matters.

A billing team that understands the challenges faced in a chiropractic billing environment is immensely helpful for physicians.

At Bikham, years of experience working with chiropractors enables our team to have an in-depth understanding of the chiropractic billing process.

Our chiropractic billing services extend to chiropractors across the US, helping them streamline their billing process and enabling them to receive timely reimbursements. With more than a decade of experience in chiropractic medical billing services, our team is skilled and fully capable of working with practices of all sizes.

Each practice is different, we understand that. Our services are tailored accordingly!

A direct result of working with us:

  • Reduced overhead and operational costs, accompanied with smooth and fast reimbursement of bills.
  • Uninterrupted claim reimbursements with the continual research practices on coding rules and regulations.
  • Higher level of efficiency in services with much concentrated focus on patients rather than administration.
  • Minimum account receivables (AR) percentage with guaranteed completion of claim cycle in 60 days.
  • Improvement in documentation process to avoid inadvertent coding errors and prevent denials.
  • A team proficient in working with various chiropractic billing software so that our clients do not have to change their existing IT infrastructure.

Our Objective:

Enable Chiropractors to have more time to see patients on a daily basis, and improve the financial health of their practice.

Our ability to support chiropractors in their daily work and helping them grow is unparalleled. We ensure the best chiropractic billing services are provided to our clients and their success stands a testament to it.


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