Chiropractic Medical Billing Services

Chiropractic Medical Billing Services

Complex requirements weave together the entire process of chiropractic medical billing. Adherence to these requirements along with keeping in tandem with the state regulations is imperative for ensuring reimbursements. Our services extend to more than 10-12 specialties in streamlining their workflow for effective billing. We cater to different requirements for which and help in offering appropriate solutions to billing woes. Improve your revenue and reduce costs with our expertise gathered from more than a decade of experience.

Our premium chiropractic medical billing services offer a dedicated and competent team of experts in order to accomplish maximum payout on billing claims. Our experts, specialized in chiropractic medical billing services have in-depth knowledge and experience in processing claims related to the specialty.


Having a first-hand experience at a radical coding system, our coders and billers have been able to achieve an enviable success rate of claim reimbursement. Being an indispensable value-chain, our chiropractic medical billing services ensure a steady inflow of reimbursement revenues, which positively impact physicians’ skill, patient influx, and service referrals.


With the sole objective of achieving maximum claim reimbursement, our chiropractic billing specialists set high standards for themselves in professional efficiency. Having to meet a chiropractors’ expectancy levels amidst stringent coding and billing system, our professionals continually upgrade their competence to match ‘best practices in medical coding and billing.

Comprehensive Billing and Coding

Our specialists are experts in chiropractic medical billing for the entire portfolio of chiropractic procedures. Complying with the prevailing standard codes applicable, our billing and coding professionals scrupulously undertake billing and coding for the following:

  • Certain primary chiropractic investigations such as examination, digital X-Ray, enhanced Computer X-Ray Analysis, CT scan, MRI, Bone Scans, Bone Density Evaluations, Laboratory Services, and Ultrasound are regularly coded and billed by our billers and coders.
  • Core-chiropractic healing techniques such as — Spinal Adjustments, also known as Spinal Manipulation, Spinal Decompression, Electro-Muscle Stimulation, Inferential Electro-Therapy, Massage Therapy, Superficial Heat, Cryotherapy, Intersegmental Traction, Microcurrent Therapy, and Physical Therapy.
  • Sports Medicine, Nutritional Analysis, Primary Care, Internal Medicine, Physical Rehabilitation, and Fitness Training.


Certified and seasoned, our medical billers and coders are capable of delivering cost-effective and value-added chiropractic medical billing services to the practitioners who believe in our ability to turnaround their revenue-generation and skill-enhancement. Our billing and coding experts — who possess diverse coding and billing competencies — play a crucial role in maximizing reimbursements and lending a competitive edge. Having our chiropractic medical billing services on board for your billing and coding procedures will yield you the following value-added services:

  • The decrease in clients’ overhead and operating costs, consequent to outsourcing our experts’ billing and coding services smoother and fast reimbursement of bills
  • Continual research on coding regulations and changes to have claims reimbursed without interruption
  • Chiropractors — with the singular focus on patients, not administrative functions — can maintain the higher level of efficiency in providing services.
  • Reduction in account receivables to negligible percentage; completion of claim cycle within 60 days.
  • Improvement in documentation and thus preventing inadvertent coding errors.

If you are an individual practitioner or institution interested in knowing how our objective-oriented coding and billing cycle management – complete with accurate charge capture, intricate procedure coding, electronic filing of claims, patient billing, multi-tiered appeal process, denial elimination initiatives, and compliance program operations – can turnaround your chiropractic practice contact us today and avail our chiropractic medical billing services.


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