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Chiropractic treatments need a lot of attention, so does the Chiropractic medical billing process that results thereafter.

Having specialist billers and coders ensures cleaner claims are submitted, allowing practitioners to get paid on time. As such, practitioners often appoint separate staff to take care of their medical billing and collection needs.

Chiropractic medical billing

The Problem?

Having an in-house team comes with substantial overhead costs.

Outsourcing Chiropractic medical billing service to experts is the best option that you may choose to have. It helps to streamline the medical billing services so that you can concentrate on improving productivity and generate higher revenue.

Patient care can prove to be difficult when trying to take care of billing at the same time. All of the billing processes need to be managed, which is an added task for managing the clinic.

Working with 3rd party billing providers offers a solution to take the stress away.

Outsourcing also ensures the smooth operation of the clinic and quality service delivery without imposing a financial burden on chiropractors. The choice then, of a chiropractic medical billing company should be well informed and would maximize profits while enjoying a healthy relationship with patients.

Chiropractic Medical Billing Services

We at Bikham Healthcare understand the intricacies involved in a chiropractic medical billing process.

Our billing specialists help reduce the number of claim rejections and denials by adhering to statutory and regulatory standards. Claims generated are thoroughly checked and go through several levels of cross-checking before being submitted to the payer.

The Result.

Reimbursements are maximized and overhead costs are decreased.

Aiming for your collections to be as high as possible, we provide the best of our chiropractic billing services. Outsource your chiropractic medical billing to Bikham and discover the difference in services.




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