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Account receivable follow-up & management in medical billing

Medical billing Account receivable (AR follow-ups) and the revenue cycle management handled by an in-house workforce is a thing of the past. In this expertise driven era, everything is outsourced to authorities of their respective fields. Account receivable follow up & management is one of the chief driving forces pertaining to the cash flow. A strategy in place for AR follow up and management ensures physicians attain their business goals.
However, if a practitioner lacks the required skills it could hamper the entire practice itself.

Medical billing can tend to be rather tedious and puzzling due to the ever changing medical billing and payer guidelines. Denial rates are high, pending claims need to be followed upon but managing account receivable follow up and focusing on the business side by side can be challenging and distracting.

AR follow-ups

The significance of regular AR follow-ups in medical billing:

Account receivable management was initially considered to be of low importance as most of the physicians used to overlook the denials, only now has it become an essential part of a billing cycle.

What we offer:

Bikham Healthcare pioneers in delivering services for account receivable management in medical billing. Our team helps you analyze your accounts receivable position and a status of denied and unpaid claims. The main goal of our team is prompt follow-ups for outstanding claims and dues in an effective way. We strategically analyze every client’s practice and employ specifically designed solutions to fit your needs. We believe it’s our responsibility to improve your whole revenue cycle management system.

Our billing agents and coding professionals are always up to date with the changes in current billing requirements and coding standards. This helps us effectively increase the revenue stream to help your practice flourish.

1. We analyze denied claims and non-payments.
2. We audit and re-submit the incorrect claims
3. We consistently communicate with Doctors, patients, and insurance agencies.

Moving on a strategically designed path to help your business/practice grow and flourish we make sure success is the only mantra we follow. We make sure our clients are paid swiftly, avoid and minimize the further possibility of denials. Constantly providing you with expertise and proving our mettle as the prime player for account receivable follow-up services.

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