NAS (NetSuite accounting software) is the solution that is based on electronic commerce and cloud computing. It’s a simple accounting software. It combines features such as Customer relationship management (CRM), Enterprise resource planning (ERP), E-commerce software capabilities, Inventory Management and Accounting to provide a complete business driven application.

It is powered by SAAS (software as a service). From an accounting perspective, the NetSuite application can be used to easily manage order fulfillment, bookkeeping, payroll, billing, and purchasing.

It tightly integrates CRM & Sales components, helping your business automate critical functions. The detailed analytics and reporting tools give you a bird’s eye view and allow deep dives into the financial health of your business.

Advantages | NetSuite:

  • The planning and strategy can be considered as a project that is available at the enterprise level. Beside it, there are multiple modules which are available in the Netsuite for tying data with various departments with quantifiable numbers.
  • There is a possibility for the data to be secured from things like a natural disaster and also reduces the time for recovery of the data.
  • This is a solution that can provide you with the possibility for protecting the data of the company through damage or with any theft.
  • Small businesses who try to make use of the Netsuite in the manner that they require.
  • There is a possibility of saving money and time.
  • Errors and data entry costs can be reduced in a much meaningful manner, and there is a possibility for sharing and correlating the information that is available to the business.
  • It provides you with sales ordering and the streamlining of the process to be done just through a click.
  • The Netsuite offers access to the real time figures that are associated with finance. It can reduce the paperwork as it makes use of the same source of data for all these things to be done.

Key Modules of NetSuite Service –

NetSuite can easily be used to manage your financial and accounting data. Its major power lies in other key modules that tie in all operational areas of your business.

Have a look at those:

NetSuite ERP Tool: The module is the core powerhouse that integrates all your back office operations and financial processes. It includes inventory management, order fulfillment, accounting, and supply chain management.

SuiteCloud: It allows organizations to work with other CRM services, ERP solutions, and a host of other business applications. It extends NetSuite’s capabilities by allowing third party add-ons and tools for tailoring NetSuite.

NetSuite CRM+: The module automates your sales processes providing features such as customer lifecycle management, opportunity management, proposal management, order management, and customer service.

NetSuite Ecommerce: The e-commerce module integrates with the ERP and CRM modules to manage and maintain your web stores backends such as shopping cart management, marketing, and analytics.

NetSuite OneWorld:It provides an extension to ERP and other modules and can be completely run over the cloud. This tool used for managing regional and local taxation to customizing accounting regulations. The module is a powerful tool to run your business operations without infrastructural overheads.

NetSuite OpenAir PSA:The module has another flagship component that provides complete professional services automation including project management, timesheet management, accounting, and project resource management. It also provides drill-down & ad-hoc dashboards and reports for collaborative project teams.

An Overview of Our NetSuite Accounting Services (NAS): NetSuite Accounting and Bookkeeping Services:
  • Tax Preparation.
  • NetSuite Accounts Receivable.
  • Audit Trail Visibility.
  • NetSuite Accounts Payable.

Reporting Services:
  • Sales Reports.
  • Depreciation.
  • Budgeting & Forecasts.
  • Profit & Loss Statement.
  • Custom Reports.
  • Cash Flow Statement.
  • Sales Tax Report.
  • Balance Sheets.

Billing Management and Invoicing.

Purchasing and Vendor Management.

Inventory Control.

Fixed Asset Management.

Let’s Explore the Benefits of NetSuite Accounting with Us
  • NetSuite has a definite edge over other accounting software on the market.
  • There is a need to identify the right partner who has the in-depth software knowledge acumen and accounting experience in hand. Recommended Partner/Group: Bikham
  • Bikham can work with your organization in managing your business financial needs using NetSuite. We’ve worked with a host of accounting tools including web-based accounting services.
  • Our team of accountants and financial analysts and software professionals can help you with all your NetSuite accounting needs.
  • We can also work on NetSuite implementation customized to your organization’s needs.