The Financial statements for banks have a different set of challenges and require a different output when compared to financial analysis for manufacturing or service companies. Banks have various risks in their financial dealings, and the analysis must take this into consideration.

Financial analysis of a bank’s statements involves significant amounts of tedious computation. Bikham provides back-end number crunching and fundamental analysis to enable US-based banks to carry out credit analysis for its customers. Bikham provides 24×7 processing of finance and accounting services for banks offering cost-effective and accurate banking analysis services. It enables banks to maintain focus on core operations while achieving flexibility and increased responsiveness to customers.

Our team of qualified CPAs, statisticians, and finance MBAs provide real-time, 24×7 accurate and cost-effective financial analysis services.

It streamlines operational processes, reduces cost and complexity and maximizes revenue for banks. In addition to these benefits, banks also get a local perspective by understanding the specific needs of customers in different locations.

Credit analysis with Bikham Solutions:

Our experts deal with analysis for various types of loans between $0.5m – $15m. These include:

Financial Analysis Services
  • Refinance loans.
  • Construction or Expansion Loans.
  • Purchase loans.
  • Conventional loans.
  • SBA 7(A) or 504Conduit loans.
  • Cash Out Refinancing.

Streamline your financial analysis processes with Bikham Solutions:

At Bikham solutions, we handle your financial analysis processes in a detailed and organized manner.

Collating and Reviewing Data

Our analysts collate and review various source documents of your guarantors such as:

  • Tax Returns
  • AR Ageing Report, Appraisal Report
  • Credit reports and scores.
  • Personal financial statements.
  • Business tax returns.
  • Tax returns of affiliated.
  • Interim financial statements.
  • Management resumes.
  • Cash Flow Statements.
  • Forms 413, 1003, 4506T etc.

Performing Financial Analysis on the data collected

Once all the data has been reviewed, our team of experts at Bikham Solutions analyzes the data collected. We:

  • Analyze Repayment Capacity.
  • Perform Ratio Analysis.
  • Perform Financial Analysis.
  • Spread Financials.

Preparing and Reviewing Credit reports

Once the analysis is completed, we make credit reports with the following information.

  • Enter Credit Analysis Summarized info.
  • Enter customer information.
  • Enter loan details.