Payroll Processing Services

Payroll processing (PP) involves tedious routine work. Outsourcing this process allows you to focus on growing your business. Focus on core tasks, save cost, and enable growth without manpower and infrastructure restrictions.

At Bikham, we have the capability to handle all the intricate details of payroll processing – e.g. compliance with federal and state regulations, monthly/ weekly / bi-monthly check payments, filing taxes that support Social Security, federal Medicare, and unemployment funds, automatic check signatures etc.

Bikham’s secure and reliable payroll processing software keeps track of details like automatic deductions from paychecks for 401-K and W-2 deposits, tax withholding, changing employee rosters and hours, and more. It hardly matters if you already have an electronic payroll processing system in place, our software will integrate with yours for a smooth transition.

For us, the customer is always at first priority and follows professional management ethical approach – “For the client & from the clients”. We are the one who understands you and your business smoothly and then serves you with the right offering in form of our valuable services.

Why hire us for Payroll Processing Services?

Here are some of the inputs which will help you out to take wise decision in the betterment of your professional business success.

  • Precise, timely, accurate calculation of payroll
  • Real-time, online, 24×7 processing
  • Issue payments efficiently and on schedule
  • File payroll taxes and manage compliance
  • Provide management reports
  • Verify accuracy
  • Save up to 40% in costs!

You will also get benefited with unforgettable Add-on Services with us. E.g.

Benefit Management:

  • Qualified Medical Support Orders
  • HIPAA Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA)
  • Short Term and Long Term Disability Services
  • Survivor Affairs Coordination
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Benefits Provider Coordination
  • Appeals Processing
  • Benefit Communication
  • Leave Management
  • Benefits Web Self Service
  • Benefit Plans Table Maintenance
  • Open Enrollment Processing
  • Eligibility Management
  • COBRA Services
  • Benefits Reconciliation Services

Time and Attendance Services:

  • Garnishment Wage Attachment Administration
  • Union Processing
  • Payroll Web-Based Self-Service
  • Payroll Compliance Services
  • Paid-time-off Administration
  • Expatriate Processing
  • Payroll Tax Administration
  • Payroll Tax Filing and Depositing Services
  • Payroll Production Services
  • Payroll Adjustments
  • Off-Cycle Payment Services
  • Earnings and Deduction Management
  • Gross-to-Net Payroll Processing Services
  • Payroll Banking Services
  • Labor Cost Distribution
  • Payroll General Ledger Posting

Clients must aware of the required benefits what the provider is providing with respect to the outsourcing of payroll processing services. It will help them to make up their mind before opting a right solution. Here are few for your reference:

Top 5 benefits of outsourcing payroll processing

  • Get specialized service from your vendor
  • Your employees get the advantage of direct deposit
  • No more IRS penalties
  • Be assured that the latest tax tables are being used
  • Avoid the hassle of handling payroll in-house and focus on your core business

We always have the intention to guide & advise our clients at its best with authentic information and let them give a fair chance to take the right decision in benefit of their organization.

Now here we are going to share a brief outline of our payroll processing services. If you feel we are the one, then don’t think twice because we will never let you down and always offer quality services at quality pricing.

Some of these services are expecting your keen attention. Please have a look…

Our Payroll Processing Services (PPS):

  • Check stuffing/signing, printing and delivering checks
  • Providing management reports
  • Tax filing – for the company and for each employee
  • Business Intelligence
  • Employee Self-service Features
  • Payroll Processing and Reporting
  • Analytics
  • Payroll Tax Reporting
  • Online Benefits Enrollment
  • Time Off Tracking
  • Pay Master
  • Tax Liability
  • Department Summary
  • Pay Register
  • Labor Allocation
  • Job Costing
  • Accrual Balances
  • Workers Comp
  • Garnishment Administration
  • Calculating paychecks and tax obligations for each employee based on variable employee rosters and time
  • Year-end Processes

The last and not the least but the foremost payroll processing software we are equipped with too. Here are few, explore them and contact us if we are the right match for your requirements.

Payroll Processing Software

  • ADP
  • Accountix
  • Paychex
  • Deltek
  • QuickBooks Payroll
  • PayCycle