Bikham delivers the most resourceful, comprehensive and cost-effective outsourced accounting services for your business with the help of a motivated team of highly skilled professionals and seasoned accounting managers.

If you are looking for smart working methods to reduce your overhead costs, you must outsource accounting bookkeeping for your accounting management. We are a leading accounting company nationwide that offers you our outsourced accounting services. Our online accounting services are fast and efficient to keep your business up-to-date.

With respect to the Outsourced Accounting and Bookkeeping Services: Let’s try to explore: What exactly we offer?

Accounting & Financial Reporting Including MIS :

Put an end to your worries during the hectic auditing and tax preparation season with our accurate, affordable, and timely financial statement preparation services for your financial statements, balance sheets, and income statements. We offer hands-on accounting knowledge, as well as meticulous checking, which will ensure that you always make the right decisions for your business.

  • Complete bookkeeping with payroll and accounting
  • Month end financial statements like balance sheet, profit and loss and cash flow statement
  • Balance sheet with each schedule reconciled properly like Prepaid schedule accrue.
  • Fixed asset register maintained properly
  • Key Performance Indicators for your business
  • Dedicated accounts manager will be assigned to you with unlimited email and call Support
  • Turnaround time of 24 hours (will get back to you within 24 hrs for each and every query)
  • In case of audit, we will assist you and the auditor with proper explanation of each and every transaction
  • Complete GAAP compliance
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Financial Outsourced Accounting Services:

We usually take the necessary time to understand precise accounting needs of your business. At Bikham, our team plans desired procedures and seamlessly take care of all your financial accounting needs, including:

  • Invoice order processing & Sales.
  • Write-up services.
  • Cash forecasting & Budgeting.
  • Financial health status reports.
  • Quarterly, semi, and annual closing financial reports.
  • Financial accounting and reports for e.g.: bills payable/receivable, general ledger, cash flow statements, bank reconciliation statements, and petty cash book.
  • Financial closing (e.g. asset assessment, profit and loss or trading account, and balance sheet,).

Online Outsourced Accounting Bookkeeping Services:

Our online accounting solutions also enable faster decision-making through real-time financial reporting services. Bikham’s accounting platform delivers all the outsourced accounting services by leveraging the best accounting softwares like Peachtree, QuickBooks, and SAP, etc.

Outsourcing Accounting Services for Small Business:

Bikham Outsourced Accounting Solutions, with its Outsourcing Accounting Services for Small Business, not only helps businesses cut down their accounting worries but also ensures that they achieve faster business growth. We also answer frequent queries related to taxes, fiscal health status reporting, financial planning, and other consulting services to fast-track their accounting processes.

We provide Bookkeeping and Accounting Services for Small Business at an extremely cost-effective form which will help you to streamline your accounting processes at a very early stage, leading to hassle-free and scalable accounting system as your company grows.

Forensic Outsourced Accounting Services:

At Bikham, we provide diligently developed multidisciplinary forensic accounting services to eliminate irregularities and accounting frauds and help you devise processes. Some of these services include:

  • Checking for hidden fraudulent accounting patterns.
  • Anti-corruption inquiries.
  • Verifying electronic information.
  • Verifying authenticity of books of accounts by gathering facts.
  • Conducting fact-finding
  • Conducting accounting compliance assessments.
  • Reviewing whistleblower allegations.
  • Special committee financial investigations.
  • Regulatory scrutiny.