Bikham offers smart solutions for processing of Tax Returns for Individuals, Businesses, Partnerships as well as Sales, Trusts and Use Tax returns for states, tax optimization service and expatriate tax return. Through the smart blend of onsite/offshore services models & adhering to regulation 7216 requirements.

Tax preparation services help companies to minimize operating costs and maximize efficiency and profits. Our tax preparation services add business value to your firm because of the increased efficiency of our tax procedures. Secondly, accurate tax preparation and tax processing services require in-depth knowledge of the various tax laws to mitigate risks involved in implementing different tax procedures.

Generally, a person is supposed to pay up to 40% of their income to different taxes indirectly or directly. Our tax preparation service methodology helps to increase your income by saving your taxes and increasing your tax refunds.

Bikham gives you the expertise needed to ensure maximum tax savings and incentives that can be legally possible. Bikham’ tax accounting services are fast, affordable and highly secure. Our specialized accounting team provides a competitive advantage of up to 10% – 20% reduction in the cost of operations along with smooth ramping up of resources to meet peak season requirements.

Our cost-effective solution utilizes secure FTP technology, and it enables to move source document information from customers which allow better managing of their financial operations.

We offer exclusive tax return preparation outsourcing services to CPAs, small and large businesses and accounting firms. Outsource tax preparation to Bikham to ensure best practices in tax processing through proper audits and reviews. We explore the possibilities and trends in the global business and are carrying out our businesses in a better way. We can understand the pulse of global finance and sense the special needs of the international companies

Some of the prominent Tax related Services are given below:

Our Tax Preparation Services

  • Interpreting the taxability and treatment of various accounts
  • Classifying and interpreting P/L items
  • Examining, interpreting and classifying items on the balance sheet
  • Form 1120 (For companies and Corporations)
  • Form 1065 (Partnerships)
  • Form 1040 (individuals)

Our Federal Tax Return Services

  • ‘S’ Corporation Income Taxes.
  • Partnership Income Taxes.
  • Fiduciary Income Taxes.
  • Non-Profit Corporation Taxes.
  • Heavy Equipment Use Taxes.
  • Individual Income Taxes.
  • C’ Corporation Income Taxes.

Our State Tax Return Services

  • Sales & Use Taxes.
  • Tangible/Property Taxes.
  • Charter/Franchise Taxes.
  • Other State Filings

Tax Preparation Software

  • Creative Solutions’ Ultra-Tax.
  • Intuit’s ProSeries.
  • ATX
  • Drake
  • Intuit’s Lacerte.

As of now, let’s try to evaluate us by the add-on or top up features, which we are offering in form of our markable services. Some of them are given here as follows:

Advantageous Benefits of hiring us:

  • Handling of tax compliance workload and meeting filing time deadlines
  • ASP/FTP technology.
  • Marketing advantage to acquire new customers.
  • Quality & Efficiency.
  • Quick turnaround time.
  • E-Filing of income tax return.
  • Federal income tax returns.
  • Customized tax outsourcing services
  • Tax software of your choice

Now, here we are trying to showcase some of the points that why we are, one of the leading and the most trusted brand among our full-satisfied clients or customers.

Our Full Acclaimed Value-Added Services:

We have stringent quality assurance protocols in place to assure superlative business tax preparation services. Bikham is also capable of providing immediate tax services, for situations with impending deadlines. Bikham allows you to concentrate on your core production-related and revenue-generating business processes, while our team handles the complexities of tax processing. Some of the well-known value-added services are given as under:

  • Compliance to Sarbanes-Oxley.
  • A well-coordinated workforce management, ensuring low overheads.
  • Increase in profit margins.
  • Specialized team for income tax return filing.
  • Periodic upgrading and training of the financial team’s skills.
  • Minimize operating costs.
  • Maximize efficiency.