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If you know around half of all submitted healthcare claims of a patient are denied just because they are failed to clear the complete patient eligibility verification process of healthcare services billed to the insurance provider. Generally, patients are found ineligible to claim reimbursements of their medical bills just because their policy has been modified or expired. Moreover, it is a hard fact that during the revenue cycle process, complete patient eligibility verification is hardly taken seriously and often ignored by many healthcare practices. Therefore, lack of proper patient eligibility verification most often leads to increased errors, delayed payments, nonpayment of claims, the dissatisfaction of patients, and revenue loss of healthcare practices.

At Bikham healthcare, our expert staff can better understand all your worries of Claim Denials related to complete patient eligibility verification and healthcare practice revenue cycle process. We have years of expertise to minimize claim denials and facilitate a significant improvement in revenue cycle with our unparalleled patient eligibility verification services. We offer remotely hosted solutions to physicians of all faculties for eligibility verification services at their individual office or Hospital practices. Our expert medical billing professionals are committed to delivering world-class and affordable complete patient eligibility verification and related services.

Our Services Include:

  • Collection of medical billing schedules from healthcare practices.
  • Complete patient eligibility verification of coverage on all Primary and Secondary Payers
  • Communication with the patients if more information is needed
  • Providing patient’s personal and eligibility report to the client along with the results and benefits
  • Editing or updating patient demographics or other needful information

Benefits of Our Complete Patient Eligibility Verification Services:

  • Eliminate the need for tiresome in-house patient verification processes
  • Claim coverage at any stage of billing process.
  • Avoid claim processing errors with upfront accuracy
  • Improve insurance eligibility rates and reduces claim denials
  • Remove the need of expensive re-work, manual processes, and phone calls to payers
  • Minimize billing and collections costs, bad debts, and time in Accounts Receivable.
  • Improved cash collection and patient satisfaction
  • Improve overall staff efficiency
  • Minimum 30-40% saving on operational costs

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