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The organizations who offer these services possess highly trained paramedics and equipment to cater immediate medical aid to the patients who need it outside the premises of a medical facility. EMS also comprise inter-facility transport along with fire and law enforcement services.

Ambulance billing services have now become a specialty and many practices who deliver emergency medical services hire EMS medical billing services as it creates a lot of hustle when the practices have to suffer denials or delayed reimbursements.

The outsourced ambulance billing services rendered by Bikham healthcare are supervised by experts with years of Billing experience. Besides billing services, our company also takes minute details related to claims and cash flow into consideration to ensure maximum reimbursement. We also keep an eye on the follow-ups that ensure the claims, whether simple or complex are managed in the most comprehensive manner.

Medical Billing – EMS:

Emergency Medical Ambulance Services (EMAS) require billing i.e. service fee is charged for any kind of medical assistance like paramedic aid, ambulance travel etc.

These charges are usually included in the insurance premiums that people pay through various private companies which means that if a patient has health insurance, then the fee for medical transportation or assistance is billed to the respective insurance company.

Medical Coding – EMS:

Medical coding experts make sure that the CPT codes allocated during ambulance medical billing services are accurate. The coding process comprises extracting data from the documentation, assigning the error-free codes prior to creating claims. It is vital to consider both the patient’s condition and source of transportation to ensure that medical transportation is really necessary, which is always a challenging task.

The Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) or HCPCS codes applicable to create a claim for ambulance medical billing services range from A0021-A0999 with different modifiers. Ambulance modifiers include a single digit character to identify both origin and destination of the transport which are written below:

D: D modifier is used for the Diagnostic site other than physician’ workplace or hospital;
E: E is used for Residential, custodial facility (other than 1819 facility), domiciliary;
G: G is used for Hospital-based End-Stage Renal Disease facility;
H: H stands for Hospital;
I: I modifier is used for the site of transfer between modes of ambulance transport. eg: airport or helicopter pad;
J: J is applied to Free-standing End-Stage Renal Disease facility;
N: N is applied to L Skilled nursing facility;
P: P stands for Physician’s workplace;
R: R stands for Residence;
S: S is used for the Scene of the accident;
X: X is applied for an Intermediate stop at physician’s office while going to hospital.

In-house vs Outsourcing ambulance billing services:

When it comes to the healthcare industry, figuring out which is more beneficial between in-house and outsourcing medical billing services is very complex, often turning into a debate as they both have their own pros and cons. So let’s shed some light on the merits and demerits of both to get a clearer picture.

In-house ambulance billing services:
The medical billing and the services related to it is considered in-house which means that the doctor has to hire staff to handle the billing process. Besides, they also have to recruit coding and billing executives to take care of account.

Another downfall of hiring in-house medical billing is that the new updates of coding can be difficult for the office staff to comprehend which may lessen the pace of claim process. Hence, you have to deal with the denials that will be dismaying if the in-house medical billing team is not an expert in their respective niche.

On the contrary, the only benefit of in-house medical billing services is the proximity. Therefore, the doctor can have full control over the in-house medical billing process.

Outsourcing ambulance billing services:

These services are more affordable as compared to in-house medical ambulance billing services and there is also no issue of liability towards the staff. The major benefit of hiring outsourcing or third party medical billing services is that they are always up to date with new terminologies and coding techniques which means that there is a fewer possibility of any claim getting rejected. They also handle the follow-up calls of agencies or patients very carefully to avoid the hassle. Outsourcing agencies always show consistency towards their work as they have allotted specific roles and responsibilities to every single individual of the staff.

In a nutshell, we understand that outsourcing agencies are better than in-house services. So, we will discuss some more benefits of the former in the following paragraphs:

Benefits of outsourcing emergency medical ambulance billing services:

Outsourced works comes with well-trained faculty, effective software and revenue cycle management system to make sure that reimbursement process doesn’t take much time. Besides cost, it has been noticed that there are more benefits of opting outsourcing medical billing services which you can read below:

Handle the changes in the agency:
Medical billing deals with a lot of changes like CPT codes that don’t stay for a longer period, fee and carrier rules also keep on changing. But, there are only medical billing services that would be able to survive these changes by keeping themselves up to the minute which results in making the reimbursement as fast as humanly possible.

Never go with the idea of bringing an in-house team because an outsourced billing team/firm can help you to lower the cost exponentially. It won’t just help you get rid of paying benefits to the crew, but you will also enjoy faster services along with satisfactory reimbursement. This way, there won’t be need to spend time, money and effort, and still, resulting in better benefits.

Financial control:
One of the big advantages of hiring a medical billing team is that you will always have a control over the finances. Instead of facing troubles with the bills, it is much simpler to check the annual or monthly reimbursements. Therefore , you will have the complete control of your finances.

Secured patient’s data:
Concealing the patient’s data or identity is the foremost responsibility of a doctor. So, outsourcing to a well-known organization ensures the privacy and security of patients’ information by storing their data in a private health record along with high-end encryption to protect it from data theft attempts.

Increased efficiency:
Abandon the idea of worrying about emergency medical ambulance billing services by hiring a highly-skilled medical billing team. However, in-house medical billing services consume a lot of time and money, whereas deft outsource medical billing team helps you to stay away from the complexities of medical billing so that you could focus on your work or profession efficiently. It will also result in focusing on the patient’s health rather than suffering due to complicated and lengthy administrative processes.

Clear vision:
The main goal of outsourcing medical ambulance billing services is to aid you to gain higher revenue. The way they perform is impressive to say the least, beginning with tracking and analyzing superior claims along with taking care of the payments. They make sure that the claims are being paid correctly and there ain’t any incorrect adjustments. They also work on their staff and educate them enough to perform their task efficiently and make faster reimbursements.

Bikham, the leading medical billing service providers, is well-versed about the various levels of ambulance medical billing services and offer the most reliable outsourcing EMS medical ambulance billing services.

Bikham offers you top of line services, allowing you to outsource your entire EMS ambulance billing services. The denial management, required follow-ups and the entire appeal process is handled by our team of industry experts with a wealth of experience behind them.

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