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Medical Laboratory Billing Services

Laboratories have a different and unique billing criterion and need an in-depth knowledge of modern billing processes. The Medical laboratory billing Services is the interaction between laboratory practices — pathology, toxicology, molecular, clinical laboratory — and the insurance agencies.

A streamlined Medical laboratory billing Services can mean the difference between speedy claim reimbursement or reimbursements may that take several days or months.

Accurate billing and follow-up for the payment can be intimidating and cumbersome at the same time. The complexities in the billing can also lead to denials, non-payments and revenue loss.

Outsourcing can bring the much-needed change in the irregularities in the billing process.

A certified team following a streamlined approach can help your practice reach new business goals in no time.

Medical Laboratory Billing Services

What we can offer:

Being a leading outsourcing laboratory billing company with an experience of over 13 years, we provide state-of-the-art billing, coding and financial management services specially optimized to cater to your requirements. Our solutions are unparalleled and allow us to boost your revenue by mitigating overhead expenses. Moreover, Bikham’s certified coders and billers guarantee you reinforced collection numbers and enhanced productivity.

The services that we deliver are:

  • Clinical medical laboratory billing
  • Toxicology laboratory billing
  • Pathology medical billing
  • Molecular medical billing

Our expertise :

Billing experts: At Bikham Healthcare, we understand the intricacies and needs of laboratory revenue cycle management. Our robust billing team plays a significant role in the success of your business as we are very well aware of the expectations of the different laboratory practices and how to meet those expectations.

Moreover, we possess highly-skilled and certified billing personnel who are well-versed in coding as well as analyzing payments from the providers.

Enhanced billing focus: We have in-depth knowledge of the complex and ever-changing billing guidelines. Our billing dedication allows Bikham to make billing and coding a superior key competency for our customers. Our main focus is to maximize payments, productivity and ensure that your laboratory gets reimbursed on time and your collection numbers grow steadily.

Compliant billing practice: We ensure claims fall under billing guidelines and all pertinent rules are followed. We govern current compliance reviews of the agency’s procedures as well as advise our clients regarding the issues related to their practices’ billing.

Customer service to enhance client’ experience:

We understand that every laboratory practice has their unique financial goals and commitments to their patients. Our customer service team ensures a positive service experience, whether it is for you or your patients.

Final verdict:

While reducing the overhead and operational costs related to the Medical laboratory billing Services and claim processing, we offer our clients freedom to focus on their patients and practice.

We strive to be the one-stop billing solution a Laboratory needs.

To know more about how Bikham can help your business roll down the administrative expenses and streamline your financial process, visit

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