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Medical Billing as a career

Medical Billing as a Career

A complete medical billing curriculum designed to introduce you to the world of US Healthcare Billing.

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Nursing in the UK

Nursing in UK

There's nothing better than pursuing your dream job at the most sought-after career destination.

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A trusted name in Medical Billing Education and Nurse Education & Recruitment

Bikham is on a pursuit to help job aspirants like you get to a place and position they can be proud of. Therefore, we have ventured into educating people about healthcare billing as well as assisting nurses establish a fruitful career in the UK, while we plan to take over other fields very soon. Following a tradition of excellence in imparting quality medical billing education, and placing nurses in some of the top healthcare institutions across the UK, Bikham has helped thousands of aspirants shape their career.

With an experience of over 14 years in the healthcare industry, Bikham Academia has made the dreams of many translate into success. The team handles a great crowd of students interested in medical billing and a significant amount of nursing aspirants willing to work abroad. Maintaining a balance between two different fields comes with expertise; something that we are proud of.


A complete medical billing curriculum designed to introduce you to the world ofUS Healthcare Billing.

Medical Billing is a process of submitting medical claims to health insurances, on behalf of either provider, or the patient. Different people; similar motive- To acquire payment for healthcare services rendered in a medical facility.

Responsibilities that Medical Billers assume

The responsibilities of a medical biller includes collecting data to be placed on a claim form (CMS 1500 or UB-04). This data may be related to:

  • patient Demographics Patient demographics
  • Medical Condition Medical condition
  • Treatment History Treatment history
  • Medical Services Type of service given, and more.

Capturing these details accurately becomes important as it helps a medical biller in filing an error-free claim- one of the important aspects of a successful Medical Billing process.

In Addition

Apart from handling data collection and claim submission tasks, a medical biller has this additional responsibility of following up with the insurances for payment. Based on the claim submitted, insurance payers make their decision to either reimburse the charges or decline the same.

If the payments are received, information about the same is posted on an EHR system and the claim invoices are closed. However, if zero payment or some partial amount is received, it is the duty of a medical biller to negotiate denials to receive claim payments.

In Addition
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There’s nothing better than pursuing your dream job at the most sought-after career destination.

The increase in the need for quality healthcare has fueled the demand of nursing candidates in the UK. Lots of opportunities have cropped up for a variety of specialties. Candidates now have the opportunity to choose to work at their preferred work destination for a short or a long- term.

We at Bikham Academia assist nursing candidates in making the right decision. From applying for a job, to getting registered as a nurse, to finding accommodation, and to actually start working abroad, we can assist you with everything you need to know.

The experienced team of education consultants is here to offer you personalized services and help you secure a career you want with benefits.

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