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Experience IT like never before.

Bikham IT

Our IT offerings go back to our inception in 2005, when we were pioneering the e-book space and ruling it. In 2019, our technology offerings are efficiency-driven and partner-oriented. With a team which has seen the evolution of software development from C# in the 2000s to AI & Machine Learning, we are laser-focused towards automating and optimizing workflows internally and enabling our clients to do the same.

In the healthcare and finance arena, we continue to support our clients with critical infrastructure, its ever-demanding integration/augmentation needs, while developing and deploying custom solutions to enable automation of their internal functions, providing them the extra edge over their competition in today’s technology race.


Backed by multiple leading Cloud and AI Solution partners, we are continuously helping our clients:

Increase Returns
01. Increase returns while lowering costs
Deliver Experience
02. Deliver Personalized Experiences
Make Business Decisions
03. Derive key insights to make informed business decisions like never before.

Everyday, we are enabling clients to make the right choice in terms of their

  • On-premise/Cloud Infrastructure
  • SaaS Solutions
  • BigData Applications
  • IoT Opportunities
  • AI Deployment

The Technology Leap

Technology Leap

We invest the time and effort to ensure that these choices translate to real, measurable and positive results throughout their lifecycle.

Our in-house mission critical support teams have proven to be the ultimate rescue teams for our clients, providing them unprecedented levels of support on highly accelerated timelines to minimize the service impact of any system or infrastructure failure.

While we continue to introduce our clients to new technologies, our round-the-clock development and support teams continue maintaining their

Process Flows
Customer relationship platforms
AI enabled solutions
and much more…

Technology Critical Support Team

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