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Technical Support

At Bikham’s technical support center, technical support outsourcing has long since evolved from simple call handling to business process re-engineering. The IT Help Desk has expanded to the integrated Service Desk. We have proven our capabilities in strategic call center voice and non-voice technical support outsourcing, both onsite and offshore.

Global majors have not only dramatically reduced costs but have improved the quality of their services by outsourcing tech support to India. They have shown their confidence in the capabilities of Indian service providers with year-on-year repeat contracts. Bikham offers you superior technical support services with world-class help desk infrastructure, reliable telecommunication, quality and process maturity, voice support skills, and qualified engineers with technical and customer support skills.

From IT Help Desk to Integrated Service Desk

Technical Support Outsourcing involves transitioning the voice or non-voice technical support function from a vendor or an OEM to a third party or an external service provider.

The goal of IT Help Desks and tech support centers is to provide product information, product use information, and technical assistance on websites that are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This role is expanding as firms seek to outsource a greater breadth of solutions to a fewer number of service providers. The help desk has now become a hub of the enterprise, delivering greater value to the business as a whole.

IT Help Desks at traditional call centers in India have been transformed into modern customer information centers (CICs) or contact centers. The role of technical support has expanded to include telesales – both pre and post-sales technical support, product support, technical applications and support, customer support services, network tech support, onsite tech support, remote support, call center technical support, remote IT infrastructure management services.

Outsource your 24-hour technical support services to us. Start offshoring help desk support services to Bikham today.

24 Hour Help Desk

Our Helpdesk support personnel are well-qualified engineers with technical knowledge and hands-on experience in customer handling. They undergo a rigorous selection process that matches their capabilities to the client’s business expectations.

Training typically takes six weeks and develops the technical and customer service skills of the agents. The intensive technical support training process familiarizes helpdesk personnel with specific product features and functions, the client’s requirements and business rules, reporting systems, escalation processes, whisper coaching assistance by an experienced mentor, and more.

Technical Support Service – A strategic differentiator

In a world of intense competition, products are often “me-too.” Outsourcing technical support enables a company to differentiate its product offering with superior technical support. Higher levels of service quality, quicker responses, and problem resolution means happier customers, and that translates to healthier bottom lines and higher sales graphs.

Today, business is focused on around the customer. The technology trend in the future integrates sales force automation, e-business and call center systems to form a single point of contact (SPOC) for the customer. Here’s where technical support can create a strategic advantage for your product.

Bikham’s IT help desk covers the entire spectrum of superior technical support services that help your product stay ahead of the competition.

Differentiate your product with superior service here at Bikham. Outsource online technical support to us. See the difference. Outsourcing is a mature industry in India and given our 12-years experience in the industry, working with global companies, following global best practices we are able to deliver high levels of quality.

Few key features of our support process:

Optimized internal support processes.

Workflow configuration and task automation.

Quick turnaround time for task tickets.

Intuitive, collaborative features.

Out of the box thinking and Flexibility.

Customization to the unique needs of your business.


Bikham’s B ( Business )  to C ( Customer ) Service Desk

This is where we cater to the individual customer sitting at home or the office, running into issues like a hung computer screen, the printer or router acting goofy, Needing help resetting a password, Problems with the Wifi connection, Operating system support etc.

Bikham’s main goal: To cut short all interruptions or delays and to get the engines rolling back up again in the shortest possible time frame.  We use Both our options for remote service and onsite to solve your issues and to preserve your productivity.

Our service desk department supports every platform, Mac, PC, Windows and Android, IOS tablets / smart phones, printers, routers etc. Speaking of response time, expect a live fix/response within the same business day. We have 24/7 support, so the technicians are ready round-the-clock to fix your problem. If a live support session doesn’t fix the problem and a ticket needs to be opened and escalated, expect a response back within maximum 24 hours.

We have different plans like

  • One time fix
  • One year support plan
  • Two-year support plan
  • Five-year support plan
  • Senior Citizen plan

Our goal is to have happy clients and we make sure that all our existing customers are followed up on regularly and catered to with Optimum service. Most of our clients constantly give great reviews about how quick their issues were resolved. We try to solve most of the software issues via remote access, which is very effective and a quick solution and also we have the onsite option available for hardware issues. Top technicians are hired throughout the year to make a stronger and more effective Tech team here at Bikham’s Technical Support Center.