As we all know, when analyzing threats to an organization we need to calculate the risk each threat poses. The risk is comprised of two elements – probability and impact.

The last several years have continued to see an increase in the sophistication and volume of cyber threats and most organizations, monitoring and response have continued to develop and mature within IT to proactively address vulnerabilities.

Bikham is equipped with connected access control devices and monitoring systems to prevent and detect unauthorized access. One can be assured of total security as your data will be stored on third party 128-bit fully encrypted FTP servers in the US.

Customers are always at priority by following our profession motto/business ethics “we work for the customer and from the customers” and the major part of this concern leads to the technological threats to finance, and accounting services security and data privacy are equally pivotal.

Security Measures at Bikham:

Some of the most common safety standards are into the best practices, for example, NIST, ISO 27001, RFC 2196 and ISO 15408. These standards typically include guidance for how IT should respond to assess the breadth and severity of information accessed.

Some of the security measures are explicitly given here:

  • Workstations secured with Anti-Virus Protection and Back-Up Drive Manager.
  • Restricted print permissions.
  • No external drives on operators systems.
  • Maintaining of audit trails of all system
  • The use of dual monitors, which increases efficiency and eliminates the use of paper.

Our Value-Added Services:

Security & Network System:

At Bikham, we’re geared up to meet the demands of today’s complex business environments, which require uninterrupted access to information and advanced applications across extended geographies. Bikham uses advanced VPN technology for secure interaction. We adhere to strict protocols for reporting, security auditing, and monitoring ensure that data is secured at every stage, while backup drive managers secure the workstations. At Bikham, we totally provide secure, robust, encrypted data transfer to Customer.

In Bikham, our network is profoundly protected by Cisco® PIX® Firewall & by the full-proof intrusion detection technology. It is optimized for wired and wireless LANs. These authentic Secure Cisco® Intelligent switches maximize networking efficiency and resilience. It will provide cost-effective, flexible switching for optimized business support & enhance user productivity while protecting devices in the network securely.

Power redundancy:

It is ensured as all systems are backed up with UPS & generators. At Bikham, we manage Internet redundancy with stringent SLAs and multiple ISPs. We also provide business continuity solutions across various cities & locations.

Access Control:

Bikham has protocols in place to protect your data using best practices in security & advanced technologies like proximity controls & biometrics that limit access to data on ‘need-to-know’ basis.