Sage Accounting Services

Same as Peachtree Accounting Services

Peachtree Accounting Software (PAS) is a product of Sage software. The Peachtree accounting software is one of the best and most comprehensive accounting solutions that is used to manage a company’s complete finances and accounting. The software is used by businesses worldwide to increase productivity and maximize profitability. The Peachtree by Sage 2008 product line is available in the basic package, standard package, advanced package and premium packages too.

The software is mainly used to provide customized solutions to small and medium enterprises with the max strength of 50 employees. It helps in providing comprehensive reports and analysis essential for critical business decisions and strategy. The PAS (Peachtree accounting software) comes with a host of tailor-made services, customized to specific businesses. It has enabled many organizations to make effective business decisions.

Some of the system requirements for Peachtree software are given below:

It is mandatory to have Customer registration and acceptance of the license agreement for Peachtree software.

  • Your system must have Microsoft Windows 2000 SP3 or XP SP2 or Vista
  • The RAM required for Peachtree software is minimum 256 MB whereas 512 MB or higher is recommended, Windows Vista needs 512 MB of RAM for both single and multiple users.
  • At least 1 GHZ Intel Pentium III for a single user and 1.8 GHZ Intel Pentium 4 is required for multiple users.
  • For storage and proper working of the software, your system is required to have 1 GB available hard disk space.

Advantages of Peachtree Accounting Software:

Ease of Use: Peachtree Accounting revolves around the user-friendliness of the software. Software that is easy to use motivates the small business owner to use it more fully.

Provides Audit Trail: Peachtree Accounting involves the audit trail it creates for each transaction. Each transaction entered in Peachtree creates a record of the entry. It allows the business owner to review past transactions to see the activity that occurred in a particular account. It also assists the business owner when reviewing customer transactions or preparing for income tax filing.

Disadvantages of Peachtree Accounting Software:

Unnecessary Features: Peachtree Accounting involves the sheer volume of features available. PAS includes modules to manage accounts receivable, payroll, accounts payable, banking, time billing, inventory, general ledger, job costing, fixed assets and reporting. Many small businesses need only a few of these features to manage their businesses.

Complicated Setup: To configure the software, the business owner needs to decide what features he or she wants to use and needs to run the setup wizard for each feature. If the business owner lacks technical expertise, this process can be confusing.

What Peachtree accounting services does Bikham provide?

PAS (Peachtree’s accounting services) are specifically targeted towards industries by catering to their customized requirements. Bikham and its highly experienced team of professionals have powerful tools to update your company’s financial records by using the latest versions of the Peachtree software. Bikham caters to specific clientele requirements, in accordance to respective Peachtree modules.

We help companies leverage the benefit of Peachtree Premium Accounting for management and tracking of billing, costing and advanced budgeting thereby helping them achieve their goals.

Bikham helps companies in the distribution segment by managing their pricing, customers, inventory, and vendors. Bikham helps companies derive the maximal potential of the Peachtree Accounting for Distribution package.

Why outsource to Bikham?

  • Bikham and its team of experienced professionals are well positioned to handle industry specific accounting needs.
  • We can enable companies to concentrate on core business decision making while we take care of back office work.
  • Bikham also caters to complex accounting tasks like company consolidation, budgeting, and compensation management by leveraging the benefits of using the Peachtree Premium Accounting suite.
  • One can outsource the financial work to Bikham and make effective business decisions that can change the course of your business.