Initially, try to evaluate your accounting needs and then opt for the required tools. Sometimes without a tighter monetary control, almost all businesses bleed money without understanding where the actual problem lies. That’s why, for small businesses and entrepreneurs, managing cash flow and day-to- day financial operations is as important as growing the business itself. It keeps all your financial information in one place.

Your data is securely backed up with Quicken Online Backup. The data encryption and security measures used by Quicken are the same as those used by banks and other financial institutions to protect their data. Quicken has made the life easier for people who offer accounting and finance services, and are into managing personal business finances. It is having a simple interface which will help to manage your money and cash flow by bringing all disparate accounts into a single place.

We can assist you in money management and save you from the administrative hassle of maintaining Quicken business software. It will give you the financial leeway to focus on matters that are essential for your business growth.

Bikham has worked with businesses of all sizes and helped them with their business accounting needs e.g. bookkeeping or complex budgeting and forecasting. Security is paramount and especially when dealing with sensitive financial data. We are the preferred choice of our clients as we have strict data systems and security measures in place to plug leaks.

We can ensure a smooth transition of your specific accounting operations. We can quickly set up Quicken software to custom fit your unique requirements and deploy resources almost immediately, by providing quicker TAT affordable prices. Let’s check it out some of the business accountant services we are offering to our dedicated clients around the globe.

Business Accounting Services | We Offer We provide the following as a part of our Quicken services:

Under Investment Budgeting Management Program:Apart from daily bookkeeping, we can also help you derive ROI on your investments. Using Quickens reports, we can provide you periodic and ad-hoc reports on account balance sheet, investment income, net worth, budgeted forecast, short and long-term cash flow statements, and capital gains.

Financial Data Entry, Cleansing, and Validation:We can enter daily transactions, clean duplicate entries, modify false entries and nullify invalid checks.

Ledger Maintenance: We can maintain all your daily ledgers and account books through Quicken. We can manage and reconcile all your accounts including checking savings account, credit card accounts, investment accounts, etc.

Customization: Changes in the look and feel including some fields within the software is possible after understating your business requirements and nuances.

Benefits of outsourcing Quicken Accounting to Bikham:

  • Bikham provides end-to- end Quicken accounting services to take a load of financial accounting. So you can concentrate on your core business.
  • We do financial data validation, data entry, and data cleansing to give you clean and accurate data. Quicken’s features as a powerful financial planning and information tool.
  • Bikham can manage your investment portfolio and help you keep track of ROI.
  • Bikham can help you with account reconciliation of your various accounts, which includes checking account, savings account, investment accounts, and credit card accounts each month. We delete duplicate transactions, enter missing transactions, and change incorrect transactions so that your monthly reports reflect accurate data.

We will provide monthly reports on:

  • Account Balances.
  • Investment Transactions.
  • Investment Income.
  • Capital Gains.
  • Investment Performance.
  • Portfolio Value.
  • Net Worth.