Write-up Services

Bikham can partner with your business to provide write-up services in the areas of accounts receivables and payables, account reconciliation services and other add-on functions over the layer of the basic write-up services. At Bikham we can provide you with services that leverage out-of-the-box thinking and surpasses the benefits provided by any accounting package.

The accounting firms realize the need for providing additional value-adds like accounts payable, account reconciliation services, and accounts receivable tracking and multiple levels of financial analysis as add-ons to existing write-up service delivery.

Advantages of Outsourcing Write-up Services | Bikham

Some of the benefits enjoyed by our clients by outsourcing their write-up services to Bikham are:

  • Manage peaks and troughs in workload during tax season
  • It is compliance with statutory regulations.
  • Leverage complex financial analysis for enhanced decision making.
  • Eliminates overheads of maintaining and updating in-house accounting systems.
  • Frees in-house accounting resources for higher end financial planning.
  • Substantial reduction in workforce
  • Overcome shortage of skilled accounting talent.

Write-up services what we recommend | Bikham

Have a look at the following list of the write-up services served by Bikham

  • Cash flow statements.
  • Balance sheets.
  • Income statements.
  • Trial balance.
  • Financial statement preparation.
  • Profit and loss statements (P&L).
  • Accounts payable services.
  • Entry of transactions.
  • Expenses Ledger.
  • Assets/Equipment Ledger.
  • Journal entry.
  • General Ledger.
  • Accounts receivable services.

Process that we follow | Bikham

Bikham process is driven by the use of advanced accounting and financial software and the expertise of the highly skilled resources which are proficient in the various regulatory requirements.

Let’s explore the outline of the data input process that we follow at Bikham:

  • We send you the completed financial statements in the format of your choice.
  • Our team of accountants then analyzes the data and converted into usable financial information.
  • Send us your invoices and receipts along with the purchase and sales transaction records.
  • We accept the data in the form of scanned documents or an electronic format.

Why there is a need to outsource Bikham for write-ups services?

The costs associated with retaining and hiring resources that are skilled in write-up services. There is high attrition among the resources as well as non-availability of qualified resources in the western countries.

Bikham can give you access to a pool of experienced and competent accountants along with the benefits of lower costs of doing business without compromising on quality.

Add-on benefits that Bikham offers are:

  • Ensuring that the busy and lean periods during the tax season are managed.
  • Assistance in decision making with our superior analysis of financial data that is complex and not easy to decipher.
  • All kinds of statutory reporting according to the region and country can be carried out
  • Overheads regarding maintaining accounting departments can be eliminated.