Patient Registration Follow Up Service In a physician or Hospital practice, the revenue cycle begins with patient registration service. Irrespective of an in-house or outsource medical billing system, there are few needful steps that your Patient registration service provider should consider while ensuring your claims are processed correctly and quickly.

An effective patient registration service: Whenever a patient calls to your office to schedule an appointment, your front office staff should immediately ask a series of questions to collect pertinent medical billing and insurance information. In case you also provide patient registration forms online then your front office staff should encourage patients to fill the registration forms in advance to collect the needful billing and insurance information. In case online registration isn’t finished at least two days before the appointment, a physician’s practice can recommend a regular Patient Follow up in Healthcare system. This will ensure your staff to verify the patient’s insurance before his/her arrival for the appointment.

Here, you can find the list of questions that your front office staff should ask each patient before their appointment:

  • What is primary and secondary insurance coverage of the patients?
  • What is the type of network used while price claims for this plan?
  • What is the need for timely filing?
  • To whom should you contact for claims follow-up?
  • Is there any limit to visit every year? If yes, how should patients come to know about the number of visits already used and to whom can they obtain permission for additional visits?
  • What is the meaning of Coinsurance, Copayment, or Deductible that will apply to medical billing service, and what is the total amount of the deductible which the patients have already met?
  • What is the UPI (unique payer ID) for electronic claim submission? What is the mailing address of electronic insurance company in case you are submitting paper claims?
  • Does the insurance company require information regarding an advanced plan of treatment or notification of a patient submitted to a review company? If yes, what is the information you need to include for approval?
  • Will the patient require additional data or medical records submitted for the claim coverage of each worker’s compensation, or does the Insurance payer favor the review of periodic records?
  • Will the patient need additional information or medical records submitted with each worker’s compensation or liability coverage claim, or does the payer prefer a periodic records review?
  • Does insurance plan also covers the services of occupational, physical, and/or speech therapy?

Patient Registration and Follow up Service Provider in Healthcare system

An aggressive, detailed review of Patient registration service and Patient Follow-up in Health care system are our key aspects of delivering successful medical billing services. At Bikham Healthcare, our medical billing specialists actively scrutinize each EOB to make sure that all charges were paid correctly by the carrier. We exhaustively correct data entry errors and also conduct reviews on a daily basis. We always take due care in making any coding decisions only with authorization of the provider.

As a leading patient registration service provider and the patient follow up experts, we thoroughly review all old Accounts Receivables, step by step, to determine the old pending amounts. Every month, we review all claim balances to ensure that correct bills are being issued. Once a number of collection notices are attempted, the internal collection calls of the patients will also be received. Even if all such efforts fail to produce the desired payments from the patients, the account will be transferred to the concerned physician’s office for a decision making on an accounting adjustment or outside collections. Our positive results pride us on receiving very few calls from patients regarding problems on their account.

If you are looking for an experienced and trusted patient registration and follow up service provider contact us today and see how we can help you gain the maximum profit from all your practice’s Accounts Receivables.