Patient Follow Up System In Medical Billing

Searching for an effective patient follow up system in medical billing? Well, look no further. Our Patient Follow up executives are trained impeccably on being extra courteous, polite and helpful to the patients and their family members. We consistently ace satisfaction surveys from our providers’ clinics and hospitals on the level of service provided. Happy patients, in turn, create happy providers and thus growing the business for both parties involved. That's exactly the goal we strive for, it's always wonderful to have a patient smile back at you even after complicated and sometimes stressful treatment cycles.

Patient Pre-Registration Services:

Patient pre-registration is an important strategy for both on-boarding as well as the intake process that's sometimes slowed down with skewed data collection and administrative tasks. By gathering the patient intake materials before the appointment, pre-registration process aids companies deliver a higher quality experience for the consumer along with increased patient satisfaction.

Patient pre-registration is a complicated task which requires a fair amount of patient data which comprises:

  • Patient's demographic data
  • Patient referral or appointment scheduling
  • Patient's health history
  • Health insurance coverage
  • Patient orientation

Post-discharge Follow-up:

A well-crafted post-discharge follow-up program can help your practice mitigate re-admissions and gain patient's satisfaction. Post-discharge follow-up goals can be achieved by following certain strategies:

  • Confirm patient's understanding or teach-back: Most patients are often confused while leaving the hospital. Reviewing discharge instructions and handing over a photocopy doesn't usually ensure their understanding.
    So, a method called teach back provides them an effective follow-up care that ensures and improves their understanding of diagnosis, medical regimen, prognosis etc.
  • Reduce medication confusion: 4 out of 10 elderly patients are unable to take the prescribed dosages because of inappropriate knowledge about their medication. So, a follow-up to make them understand about their medication helps them recover swifter.
  • Set follow-up appointments: People often forget or overlook the follow-up appointments. So, calling them to ensure that follow-up appointments are made is an effective strategy to ensure re-admissions.

Patient follow-up calls:

Follow-up calls ensure that you are still concerned about the patient's case even after the discharge. For instance, if there is a case of appealing a claim, then some additional activities are needed such as, submitting data to a third party for review. As this is a long process, so it's vital to live up to the patient's expectations and satisfy them by informing then of the duration of the said process.

Bikham Healthcare offers an accurate and strategically managed patient follow up program assisting all our practicing partners a par-excellence service from one of the most trusted names in the industry.