It’s a guarantee that you won’t find these Value adds with any other Service Provider. Once we have your Business, we are in Love with you, we are in love with your business, we live for you, we wake up and come to work for you. Hence it’s of utmost importance to us to want to retain you and that’s the reason why we try to create this extra niche line of value addition services, which you won’t find anywhere else.

Our Bottom Line is to Grow your Bottom Line

Physician Credentialing

Our Experienced Medical Billers at Bikham are well versed in the process of credentialing with government as well as Commercial Payers & Networks. They are well aware of the market offerings of each payer and thus are able to negotiate the best rates for your practice.

Patient Eligibility Verification

We are well aware that a Good Eligibility & Verification process is key in eliminating Rejections & Denials. Thus we make sure this process is followed to the T and our billing specialists pioneer at all the effective tools required for the same.

Digital Marketing

We not only bill for you, we GROW with you. We help you improve your patient flow by enhancing your Brand through the wide world of Digital Marketing options, Social Media marketing, Google AdWords, Search Engine Rankings and many more.

Vendor Management

At Bikham, our expert vendor analysis team first identifies your products and service requirements and accordingly offers you the most cost-effective and credible vendor options that perfectly match your business needs with better payment terms.

Patient Follow up

Our impeccably trained executives are extra courteous, polite and helpful to the patients and their family members. We’re constantly getting great Aces in satisfaction survey results from our client’s clinics and hospitals on the level of patient follow up services provided by us