Obstetrics and Gynecology Medical Billing Services

Bikham’s (OBGYN) Obstetrics and Gynecology medical billing team has an exclusive experience of more than 12 years and a number of happy clients. Outsourcing OBGYN medical billing to our dedicated medical billers and coders, guarantees you an effective cash flow with minimum denials and more focus on your core practice. To stay atop your competitors in the crowded healthcare market, every practitioner or health group needs to strengthen their financial stability via advanced revenue cycle management. Bikham’s Obstetrics & Gynecology medical billing team helps you achieve just that.

We convert your cumbersome OBGYN medical billing process into an easy and profitable one, via our outstanding key feature such as:

 Obstetrics and Gynecology Medical Billing
  • Accurate Patient Enrollment
  • Immaculate ICD-10 Coding with right CPT Codes
  • HIPAA Compliance
  • Follow-up of latest Medical Billing and Coding standards and guidelines
  • 24*7 Patient Help Line
  • Maximum Claims Reimbursements
  • Effective Denial Management

Our adroit OBGYN medical billing team easily analyzes and implements the state standards and guidelines better than our competitors (Our clients says so!). Our updated medical reforms, advanced software and follow-up strategies, with evolving state standards and guidelines help your practice to gain maximum profits with fewer denials.

Our Obstetrics and Gynecology Medical Billing Services include

  • Accurate billing methods i.e. paper & electronic
  • Complete Insurance eligibility and verification
  • Regular Accounts Analyzation to prevent cash-flow blockages
  • Impeccable Code analysis and implementation
  • Methodical Financial Reporting
  • Immaculate checking for coding and billing compliance

Introduction to Obstetrics and Gynecology Medical Billing Codes

  • G0101 & Q0091 HCPCS Code – Used for reimbursement during medical necessity but only once a year.
  • J2675 HCPCS Code – (Progesterone & Injection) Used to provide high profits to the practitioners and health groups.
  • CPT 59514 Code – (Only for Cesarean Delivery) Used to reimburse in the presence of an assistant surgeon because of it is a highly paid service.

How does Obstetrics and Gynecology Medical Billing Services work?

Obstetrics and Gynecology medical billing services is generally a procedure for submitting claims of a healthcare group to an insurance company via following the state guidelines. The inception of medical billing starts from the registration of a patient to health firm and ends with the payment posting to the health group. In between the complete medical billing cycle depends on the medical billers and coders i.e. immaculate implementation of CPT codes with right modifiers improves the claims approval rates and minimizes the denial rates.

Follow-up of HIPAA compliance reforms and other state guidelines and regulations help to avoid additional penalties and fees. Our experienced medical billers & coders have expert knowledge of the continual evolving guidelines and regulations i.e. they make the complex billing process easy and profitable.

We believe in the growth of our clients, our dedicated team improves your revenue cycle, reduces your stress & workload, frees your resources and staff, scales down your additional expenses and fetches more opportunities for you to get your practice maximum reimbursements. We are available 24*7 to provide instant assistance to your practice and your patients!

Billing Software Handled

With advanced software and result-oriented strategies, the process of medical billing becomes accurate and profitable as the software plays an important role in medical billing service when it comes to handling the complex administrative tasks to keeps the credentials safe from external thefts. A good software can deliver better risk management service with a robust working environment.

We have an astounding command over multiple medical billing and coding software like Medic, Medisoft, NextGen, etc. and Encoder Pro, Flashcode, etc. We guarantee to deliver maximum claims reimbursements with minimum denials.

Why Bikham Obstetrics and Gynecology Medical Billing Services?

Outsourcing to Bikham can help in many ways such as:

  • Quick Turnaround time
  • 256/AES Encryption
  • 30% Better Revenues
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • Patient Follow up help desk
  • Multiple Software Option
  • Regular Audits and Claims Checkup

Bikham’s team strives in a dynamic way to deliver utmost customer satisfaction and maximum claims reimbursements. Our Bottom Line is to Grow your Bottom Line! Contact us Today


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