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Medical Billing and Coding Services Provider- Bikham HealthCare As a healthcare provider, you must be worried about sustained, long-term business operations. You can certainly achieve this by optimizing the medical billing and coding process as your primary focus area. In a medical billing and coding services, there are plenty of tasks right from streamlining the complex collections process to overcoming persistent declines in reimbursements as well as comforting HIPAA requirements that lead to achieving the close of revenue generation cycle successfully.

Bikham Information Technologies is a leading medical billing and coding services Outsourcing company having full potential to enable your healthcare business to accelerate the stride of revenue generation, minimize operational expenses, and also improve the overall efficiency delivered by the system. Our experts offer end-to-end HIPAA compliant medical billing and medical coding services. We take pride to act as a mediator between insurance companies and healthcare providers, clinics or hospitals.

Every year many healthcare business organizations are confronted with the possibility of losing a large sum of money due to non-reimbursed claims, under-pricing, coding errors, and missed charges.

If you outsource your medical billing and coding services to Bikham Health, our certified and experienced team of medical coders will offer you world-class service quality and accuracy to eliminate the chances of denials and financial losses. We follow 6-grade medical coding services process for continuous improvement in your medical claim reimbursement. Our medical billing and medical coding services includes;

  • Access patient charts
  • Pre-Coding Services
  • ICD-10 and CPT Coding Service
  • Quality Analysis
  • Filing of coded charts
  • Feedback from Clients

1 Access patient charts

We get look to look into scanned clinical information and patient charts uploaded to a secured FTP location or by getting access to practice management software (PMS) through a secured VPN connection

2 Pre-coding Service

Pre-coding involves representing doctors, modifiers, and insurance companies by assigning them with respective codes. We also provide pre-coding services for procedural and diagnostic and codes that do not exist in the system before.

3 ICD-10 and CPT Coding Service

We emphasize more on coding accuracy of your revenue. We efficiently take on all coding errors including up-coding (or over-coding) that may otherwise result in denial. Moreover, down-coding (or under-coding) may lead to reimbursement that is quite lesser than you expect.

We further analyze the compatibility of appropriate procedural codes with modifiers. Here two types of coding errors exist such as;

  • Lesser revenue can result in Under-coding results and
  • Over-coding warrants re-work on denials due to increases denials.

4 Quality Analysis

Our certified senior medical coding services staff carefully checks on the accuracy of the assigned codes in File. Beside this, our quality assurance team ensures fewer or no denials along with maximum reimbursement after verifying the charts for up-coding or down-coding.

5 Filing of coded charts

As per your requirements for further claims processing, the coded charts are either submitted to you or transmitted to the billing team. The coded charts are either uploaded by email or onto a secure FTP location or even better on a Practice Management System.

6 Feedback from Clients

At Bikham Information Technology, we believe in working together with you as one team and also consider it as an opportunity to improve and serve you better.

The Advantage of choosing Bikham for Medical Billing and Coding Services:
Reduced number of denials

Coding defects and data inaccuracies are the main reasons for claims denials. At Bikham Healthcare, our experienced billing and Medical coding services team effectively handles and manages claims that results in a sharp decline in the in the number of denials just within few days.

Regular Reports

We always keep you updated about your claims status with regular daily, weekly, and monthly status reports which include productivity or procedure code analysis, projections and other pending problems, if any.

Process focused approach

We comply with various steps like Insurance Eligibility Verification, CPT/ ICD-10 medical billing and coding services, Patient Demographic and/or Charge Entry, Accounts Receivables Follow-up, Claims Submission, Denial Analysis Payment Posting, and Accounts Receivables Management.

Customizing solutions

At Bikham, our medical billing and coding services experts of varied specialties offer you quite flexible and customized medical billing and medical coding services to fulfill your specific requirements.