What is the Need for Manual Journal Entry Services (MJES)?

Does your organization require general ledger accounting services? I assume you don’t have the required personnel to carry out manual journal entries processing services? So what are you waiting for, Why not consider outsourcing manual journal entry services to an expert like Bikham? Bikham is one of the world’s leading providers of manual journal entry services.

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What exactly is Manual Journal Entry (MJE)?

It is the procedure of entering journal transactions into general ledgers from manually prepared journal entries is known as a manual journal entry.

Bikham serves customers across the globe. We are bringing the best elements of bookkeeping expertise and outsourcing. Our clients are expecting error-free, accurate and timely manual journal entries of transactions. It will lead to remarkable precision by our team of certified accountants.

General Format of the Journal Entry

An accounting journal entry should include the following:

  • Attaching extensive documentation to the journal entry may be necessary.
  • Whether the entry is a recurring entry, one-time entry, or a reversing entry.
  • A unique number to identify the journal entry
  • Any managerial authorization(s)
  • The name of the person recording the entry
  • The accounting period in which the journal entry should be recorded
  • The date of the entry
  • The accounts into which the debits and credits are to be recorded

Let’s explore the manual journal entry team at Bikham

Manual journal entry processing requires several specialists at different stages of the manual journal entry process. At Bikham, we have a team of professionals at each stage of the manual journal entries process:

The General ledger accounting professionals:

The general ledger accounting experts at Bikham has the following responsibilities:

  • Approving all journal entries.
  • We are ensuring that all journal entries that are entered into the general ledger reflect the standard accounting practices.
  • We are entering journal entry transactions into general ledgers.

The General ledger accounting managers:

  • Ensuring that a record of all journal entries to the general ledger is maintained.
  • Ensuring that all journal entries are complete.

Apart from general ledger accounting specialists and general ledger accounting managers we also have general ledger accountants and administrators who are a part of our manual journal entries team.

Process of Manual Journal Entry | at Bikham

Our team of accountants follows a meticulous process for a manual journal entry.

Try to explore the gist, how we approach journal entries at Bikham:

  • All journal entries are verified for completion.
  • The debit and credit totals are entered, and the balance is tallied.
  • Every entry made will be validated with an adequate explanation.
  • Journal entries are regularly updated with the correct rectification of errors.
  • The accounting period to which every journal entry belongs is clearly marked.
  • All supporting documents including expenditure statements, vouchers, and proofs are maintained.
  • You are constantly kept aware of the status of the books with periodic reports.
  • You will be alerted instantly in case of any disparity, error or questionable journal entry.
  • The accuracy of the manual journal entries is assured by our stringent quality assurance processes and quality analysis team.

Process of Manual Journal Entry | at Bikham

Let’s check it out, why Bikham has been a preferred destination for finance and accounting services and also how you can benefit from our manual journal entry services:

  • Qualified Team: Our clients are getting a dedicated team of qualified accounting professionals to work on the journal entry project.
  • Best Turnaround time for Manual journal entries: it will be made within a particular time to keep the books up-to-date.
  • Compliance: Adhere to international standards and best practices in accounting and bookkeeping journal entry.
  • Accuracy Guaranteed: Around 98% accuracy of the manual journal entry is guaranteed.
  • Cost saving: Around 60%. Our clients are getting the best hands to work on the journal entry requirements.

Let’s choose the manual journal entry services from Bikham

Your internal accounting team need not be burdened any more with routine manual journal entry work. You will save time, money and efforts. We always try to give the needful support to your accounting department by outsourcing your accounting and manual journal entry requirements to Bikham. Moreover, we can assure you that you will be able to find the right accounting partner in us.