Accounts Payable Services

Bikham strives to effectively automate your organization’s processes of elimination of duplication, transaction management, document management, exception resolution, and disbursement-related services. Get the Bikham advantage, to stay competitive in the financial market!

How exactly we Work?

  • Invoice Receipt: we will receive your hard copy and electronic invoices.
  • Image and Data Capture: all your documents will be stored as images, and all the invoice images will be viewable.
  • Process and Route: the invoice documents are processed and are routed to the relevant customer executives for approval and a final resolution.
  • Disburse and Archive: when the approved invoices will be uploaded to the customer’s A/P system for payment through standard interfaces, on all accounting platforms.

The last and not the least the invoices will be filed as “normal” in the General Ledger. Bikham also performs disbursements, in continuation to the process hard copies will be stored at our facility, and the electronic images will be available online.

Bikham’s Accounts Payable Services

Data Capture
  • 100% availability of scanned invoices.
  • Audit and Reconciliation of scanned invoices.
  • Receiving and processing incoming mail.
  • Document storage and retrieval.
  • Scanning.
  • Batch preparation.
  • Sorting
  • Document indexing.

Data Processing – Exception Management/Resolution

  • Documented audit trail.
  • Shortened month-end closing process.
  • Approval and exception routing.

Suspect Duplicate Analysis

  • Electronic invoice processing.
  • Three-way database matching.
  • Manual and automated data entry.

Disbursement Services

  • Special invoice mail handling.
  • Electronic payment handling.
  • Return check handling.
  • Online check proofing.
  • Secured maintenance of check stocks.
  • Print and distribution of checks.

Other Accounts Payable Outsourcing Services

  • Customer service.
  • Special projects reports.
  • Supplier management.
  • Tax reporting.
  • Travel and expenses processing.
  • Utility bill management.

Bikham offers professional, accurate, and prompt Bookkeeping services, Accounts Receivable services, and Tax Processing services.

Advantages | Bikham

  • Flexibility to outsource all or part of the accounts payable business functions.
  • Advanced workflow and imaging technology.
  • The web-based reporting system, which allows real-time tracking.
  • Strengthened Vendor
  • Reduced invoice discrepancies and disputes.
  • Online repository, providing easy access to data.
  • Save on workforce and infrastructure
  • 24×7 secure web access to customers, ensuring financial control.
  • Save on effort and time.
  • Improved business intelligence.
  • Sarbanes-Oxley compliance, which reduces discrepancies and increases financial control

Bikham’s Value-Added Service

  • Efficient and accurate services, which ensures high quality.
  • Adherence to industry best practices.
  • High security and total confidentiality of data24x7 customer service.
  • Quick turnaround.
  • Cost-effective services.
  • Contact us for high-quality services at minimal costs.