IT Technical Support for B2B

  • Do you find that your business and employees can often waste time trying to solve endless IT issues?
  • What disaster recovery plan do you have in place, if any?
  • Are your important business documents and information being backed up?

Bikham offers reliable IT/Technical support solutions virtually for all types of small and medium size businesses. Bikham can assist your organization with all of the today’s technology challenges.

As we are aware of the facts that enterprise tech support is a highly complex and niche area. Clients are expecting the specialists and partners with an excellent track record to make the big difference while catering to Level 1 to Level 4 online product tech support, quality assurance, and product sustenance. Its connected nature needs even more agility and platform agnostic skills for better support. Bikham provides world-class enterprise tech support offerings across the entire enterprise ensuring all your business goals are aligned with technology readiness.

Learn more about some of the IT technical support services we serve:

  • Cloud Services: Bikham Certified Level-3 technicians have the expertise to aid you with cloud tech support for all of your problems.
    • Cloud Hosting Services.
    • Cloud Maintenance Storage Services.
    • Managed Cloud Services.
  • Remote IT Network Support: We utilize industry-leading remote management, monitoring, and control software to establish performance thresholds and diagnostic protocols.
  • Operating System Support (Windows / Linux / UNIX): We are serving technical support for different OS configuration or versions. OS tech. Support deals with installation of operating system, maintenance, OS upgrades, troubleshooting,
  • Database Support: Bikham offers support for core remote management services for all major database platforms. For instance Oracle, MySQL, Sybase, IBM DB2, and SQL
    • Database Installations: At Bikham we’ll help you plan and implement a SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, DB2, or Sybase database installation.
    • Database Upgrades: Updating your MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase databases a safe and effective procedure
    • Oracle Upgrades: learn how we can make your transition to Oracle 11g an efficient process with minimal disruption
    • Database Patching: Bikham utilizes documented processes to ensure that all tasks are executed in an orderly and predictable way.
    • Data Auditing: We’ll help you audit the actions of your database users to identify security and other critical issues
    • Performance Analysis: In Bikham we help you evaluate the health of your database
    • Database Optimization: We are specialized to fix, enhance, and improve the performance of your database
  • VPN & Firewall support services: These are enhanced to ensure both centralized and flexible protection. Bikham’s online Tier 3 engineers are firewall professionals. At Bikham our technical support experts have the knowledge to build everything from a simple firewall protecting one server to a multi-zone firewall.
    • Malware Protection
    • Patch Management
    • Two-Factor Authentication
    • Vulnerability Assessment
    • Web Application Firewall
    • Intrusion Detection Support Services
    • 2-Factor Secure Cloud Access
  • Server Management Support Service
    • Server monitoring
    • Server configuration management

Let’s explore more on the businesses e.g. mid-sized to enterprise level, what we serve with our well-managed tech support services.

What level of Businesses do we serve for IT/Technical Support?

  • Small Business
  • Mid-sized business
  • Enterprise level Business

Benefits for Hiring Us for IT/Technical Support Services:

  • Improve Employee Productivity: Bikham’s trained and certified help desk professionals can resolve 98% of your employees’ computer issues remotely.
  • Improve your network performance and availability of core applications: Bikham Network Operations Centers provide proactive Network and Server monitoring that will optimize performance, detect them and remediate small issues before they create major outages.
  • Reduce IT costs and contain your budget: Bikham’s Technical Support Small Business plans provide the support to your unique business needs at one low, fixed monthly rate pricing plan.

What are the popular pricing models?

  • Tiered
  • Per user basis.
  • Per device basis.
  • Monitoring basis only.

Why only Bikham for Remote Technical Support Services?

Better Cost-Effectiveness: Our team will assist you without extra costs that come with on-site service.

Higher Tech Support Efficiency: Proactive maintenance is efficient when done via distant access.

Flexible Support Hours: As long as the computer systems are on we allow you to grant computer techs access for your PC for e.g. actions like troubleshooting and upgrades can also be done during the different time of the day, even after business hours.

Remote Access is Less Intrusive: A computer technician can access your desktop with your permission without invading your personal space.

Faster Response: Remote tech support can be provided as soon as someone answers the phone.

Add-on Benefits with Bikham:

  • Secure processes and standards (CMMI Level 5, ITIL v3, COPC, Six Sigma, and PCMM Level 5).
  • At Bikham our trained support professionals deliver brand-agnostic support across various IT products, services and technologies.
  • Improved security, increased performance, and bandwidth management of connected platforms, applications, and devices.
  • Continuous process improvement, highly metrics driven approach and adopt industry best practices.
  • 24/7 support in 24 languages, cutting across time zones and geographies.