Here at Bikham, with a team of like minded individuals, we constantly complete deadlines to give that extra edge, extra value add and level of customer satisfaction to every client, every project and single assignment that we take on.

  • Bookkeeping Services Bikham Bookkeeping Services

    Bikham, Inc. provides you with accurate and high-quality bookkeeping services that will help your business build credit and financial success.

  • Accounting Services Bikham Accounting Services

    Bikham delivers the most resourceful, comprehensive, and cost-effective accounting services for your business with the help of a motivated team of highly skilled professionals and seasoned accounting managers.

  • Tax Processing Services Bikham Tax Processing Services

    Bikham offers smart solutions for processing of Tax Returns for Individuals, Businesses, Partnerships as well as Sales, Trusts and Use Tax returns for states, tax optimization service and expatriate tax return.

  • Invoice Processing Services Bikham Invoice Processing Services

    Bikham tries to comprehend the significance of invoice processing for the prosperity of your business

  • Financial Analysis Services Bikham Financial Analysis Services

    The Financial statements for banks have a different set of challenges and require a different output when compared to financial analysis for manufacturing or service companies.

  • Cash Flow Management Services Bikham Cash Flow Management Services

    Whether you are evaluating cash flow management techniques for the first time or fine tuning a sophisticated existing system.

  • Payroll Processing Services Bikham Payroll Processing Service

    Payroll processing (PP) involves tedious routine work. Outsourcing this process allows you to focus on growing your business. Focus on core tasks, save cost, and enable growth without manpower and infrastructure restrictions.

  • Value Added Services Bikham Value added Services

    Our Expert Vendor Analysis team identifies what types of products and services you need, to keep your business growing successfully & we offer you the most cost effective and credible vendor options that match your needs perfectly.

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Are you looking for full proof professional quality financial accounting services on your click? If yes, then we are the one offering and empowering you to make sound financial decisions.

Bikham offers specialized finance & accounting services backed by an expert team, in-house customized tools, and with proven technology platforms in hand with standardized business process frameworks ensuring long-term qualitative value. We are here to serve and take care all of your accounting woes by providing streamlined and accurate Finance & accounting services by trained accountants at reasonable costs.

As we know that Accounting, bookkeeping, payroll Processing, Accounts Payable/Receivables and Tax related Preparation, etc. are some of the important finance and accounting services handled by each and every business on a day-to-day basis. These tasks are mundane and consume ample time and professional expertise of bookkeepers and accountants. At times may take away your focus from core business offerings.

Bikham ensures the clients to have a scalable and cost-effective financial infrastructure that provides meaningful guidance and financial information that is timely and accurate while minimizing compliance-related risks.

To know more about our services, here are some of the offering from our end with respect to the Financial & Accounting Services, which includes:

  • QuickBooks Accounting Services.
  • Payroll Processing Services.
  • Cash Flow Management Services.
  • Financial Analysis Services
  • Invoice Processing Services.
  • Tax Preparation or Processing Services.
  • Accounting Receivable Services
  • Bookkeeping Services.

Keys Benefits of Outsourcing Accounting & Financial Services:

Do you like to reduce your company’s overhead costs, increase profits, and meet regulatory requirements? If yes, why not take advantage of our expertise in accounting & financial services accompanied with add-on benefits from an increase in your return on investment? By using Our expert book-keepers and accountants can handle your company’s financial documentation, so that you can able to focus on core competencies, target specific markets and bagged a huge profitability.

Here are some of the inputs; a company can take into consideration before opting us for the outsourcing financial accounting services:

  • Secure Bookkeeping & accounting.
  • Fast | Reliable | & Scalable Services.
  • Cost Saving.
  • Provide domain expertise support.
  • One stop solution hub for all your financial & accounting problems

Value Added Services:

Bikham is a full-service tax and financial planning firm specializing in tax compliance, wealth protection, and wealth management.

Following are the value-added services that will put us up front in this competitive market segment.
  • Guaranteed security & confidentiality.
  • Best-in-class practices and procedures.
  • Ensuring regulatory compliance.
  • Downsizing expense while accomplishing profitability and quality.
  • We are accredited by ISO 9001 certification in online bookkeeping & accounting.
  • Secure 128-bit encrypted accounting data servers.
  • 24/7 Customer Service Support.