Database Technical Support

Why Bikham?

Database Technical Support
  • We have secure enterprise-class database technical support with authentication, monitoring, and encryption essential to a modern architecture and a wide array of applications.
  • Our Remote DBA team collaborates with Bikham Support; We are creating a diverse cadre of experts that provide proactive advice and reactive response to your issues during development, deployment, and operation or maintenance.
  • Bikham Support Engineers have been solving all types of database issues. At Bikham we have Certified Support Engineers with DBAs (Database Administrator Support) skills in hand. Secondly, our first line support personnel are the experts in MySQL too.
  • Bikham Technical Support is available with a Bikham Enterprise Subscription. We provide multiple subscription options to fit your needs.

What are the database technical support services you can take advantage of at Bikham?

Database Optimization: At Bikham we fix, enhance, and improve the performance of your database.

Performance Analysis: We provide Performance Analysis process which helps you to evaluate the health of your database.

Oracle Upgrades: Bikham can make your transition to Oracle 11g an efficient process with minimal disruption.

Upgrading of Database: You can take advantage of our unique technical support services by getting updates on your SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, DB2, or Sybase databases, which is the safe and effective procedure.

Database Installations: At Bikham we will help you to plan and implement a MySQL, SQL Server, and Oracle, Sybase database installation, optimally configured for your organization’s unique needs.

Let’s Explore Our Technical Support Services | Database Platforms Specific:


  • Support Third-Party Applications Such as PGAdmin, PGBadger, and PGBench
  • Postgres Auto-vacuumed Optimization
  • Security Administration and Maintenance
  • Effective and Efficient Critical Response
  • 24×7 PostgreSQL Database Support
  • Security Administration and Maintenance
  • Disaster Recovery Analysis and Testing
  • PostgreSQL Installation, Configuration, Migration, Upgrades and Patches
  • Ensuring Recoverability of Databases
  • Ad hoc Index Maintenance, Statistics Maintenance
  • PostgreSQL Maintenance Configurations


  • Security Administration and Maintenance
  • Health Checks/Assessments
  • Regulatory Compliance Support
  • Effective and Efficient Critical Response
  • Security Administration and Maintenance
  • MySQL Installation, Upgrades, Migrations and Configuration
  • Ensuring Recoverability of Databases
  • Install Database Vendor Software Binaries
  • MySQL Re-indexes and Integrity Checks
  • MySQL Backups and Restores
  • 24×7 MySQL Database Technical Support

High Availability Activities

  • RAC
  • Golden Gate
  • Data Guard
  • Manual Standby
  • Streams
  • Replication


Basic Administration:
  • Health Checks/Assessments
  • Regulatory Compliance Support
  • 247 Oracle Database Support
  • Effective and Efficient Critical Response
  • Security Administration and Maintenance
  • Ensuring Recoverability of Databases
  • Emergency Recoveries
  • Configuration and Utilization of Oracle Provided Tools for Database Administration Such as GRID and RMAN
  • Third-Party Product Integration Database Environment
  • Database Vendor Provided Administration and Backup Toolset
  • Database Connectivity Software Management
  • Data and Data Utility Management
  • Database Data and Program Object: Analysis, Creation and Change Management
  • Setup and Troubleshooting of Database Related Connectivity
  • Database Instance Creation, Configuration, and Changes
  • Database Software Installations, Upgrades, Migrations and Patch Applications

Advanced Oracle Support

  • Fine-Grained Auditing
  • Virtual Private Databases
  • Oracle Audit Vault
  • Oracle Workload Management
  • Flashback Query
  • Advanced Compression
  • Database-Specific and Enterprise Disaster Recovery Plans
  • Archiving Strategies
  • Failsafe
  • Advanced Database Architecture Installation, Configuration, and Administration
  • ASM

Why Hire Us for Database Technical Support Service?

An Efficient Technical Support Team: We have a skilled and certified team of database support that helps to reduce the burden with strategic database health monitoring.

Improvement of Uptime: At Bikham we design the right database support structure to improve the uptime and strive to reduce application downtime and accidents that affect business.

The Cost Optimized Database Structure: Bikham is dedicated to delivering cost-optimized database support to organizations with long term commitment.

24×7 Remote Database Technical Support Service: We are always serving our best of the tech. support services round the clock on just a click from your system.

Immediate Support: Simply chat with one of our technical support members either via phone or the internet. We will connect to your computer remotely