CPA Bookkeeping Services/Accounting for CPAs:

cpa bookkepping services/accounting

Have you ever encountered with any of the issues/queries as given below:

Has keeping books stopped you from addressing CPA issues that involve your customers?

Are routine bookkeeping tasks shifting your focus away from core CPA services?

If yes, then maybe it’s time your CPA firm considers outsourcing bookkeeping/accounting. Your CPA firm will again be able to focus on tax planning, financial disclosures, and other such customer profitability strategies.

When you work with Bikham Group, you get more than just an accountant – you get a business advisor. Our CPAs use your financial details to make big-picture recommendations. Certified Public Accountants can identify the correct accounting treatment for complex issues. He/She will perform a review to help you obtain a file your business tax return, business loan, advise you on tax planning, and offer you strategic financial advice.

In other words, the CPA is arguably the most rigorous and difficult to obtain. To earn the CPA credential, an accountant must pass comprehensive exams on tax, regulation, financial reporting, audit, and business topics. They also must have sufficient accounting education and work under another CPA for at least one or two years before obtaining the license. Carefully review a CPA’s experience and specialties before engaging his services.

At Bikham, we can assist you with planning for your cash flow and financing needs and estimating costs through budgeting and forecasting.

Bikham Solutions is an acclaimed bookkeeping company that specializes in providing custom-fit bookkeeping and CPA preparation services for Certified Public Accountants. We have seasoned CPA accountants who are experts at using various accounting software programs like Sage, Intuit, QuickBooks, Peachtree, Quicken, Microsoft Dynamics GP, Net Suite, Intuit, etc. We can ensure that all your bookkeeping work is completed accurately within a short turnaround time. Certified Public Accountants outsourcing to us is an assured way for your firm to minimize cost and efficiently manage bookkeeping accounting.

Our clients include individuals, not-for-profit entities, partnerships, small businesses, and large corporations across a variety of industries. Bikham strives to keep your business ahead of the game by acknowledging the unique situations surrounding each business and by being mindful of the competitive and economic trends that directly impact your business.

Let’s explore our: Bookkeeping Services for Certified Public Accountants & Accounting Firms

CPA Write-Up Services:

Accurate write-up services are critical to the overall health of your financial process. We understand the criticality of maintaining write-up services of Certified Public Accountancy firms and have designed our services to input and manage all your transactions, for example, accounts general ledger entries, reconciliations, and accounts receivables.

CPA Financial Statement Preparation Services:

cBikham Solutions comes with accurate and up-to-date Cash Flow Statements, Balance Sheet Statements, and Profit & Loss Statements that are in tune with the latest accounting standards.

CPA Accounting Services:

Bikham provides you with a dedicated team to regularly update and maintain your accounts by using the software too.

CPA General Bookkeeping Services:

Outsourcing your general bookkeeping work is very simple. You only need to send us scanned images of your statements either by email or upload them to our secure FTP (File Transfer Protocol) website/server. At Bikham our bookkeepers will download your statements initially, complete the work and also enter them into your software, all within a few hours of turnaround time.

CPA Sales Preparation & Use Tax Services:

We are the best in the market and will never let you down at any stage of processing. We have designed our Use Tax and Sales preparation service to free you from the burden of managing a large volume of returns and reduce cost.

CPA Income Tax Preparation Services:

Managing income tax and CPA tax preparation in-house can get expensive and tedious. Bikham provides your CPA firm with competent income tax preparation for partnerships, companies, or individuals. We also serve you with our efficient interpretation of your Profit & Loss statements and correct classification of every item. Your firm will free to invest time and money in core activities.

Our Value-Added Services:

You avail following advantages with us:

  • Efficient management in both peak and lean accounting seasons with our services.
  • Use of quality control processes to ensure 99.9% accuracy in bookkeeping accounting.
  • Customized CPA services that cater to your CPA firm’s unique business requirements.
  • Fast turnaround time, depending on the urgency of your requirements.
  • Flexibility to make informed decisions with expert analysis of your financial data.
  • Huge savings on the effort of recruiting, monitoring, and training an in-house bookkeeping department. You also save on the overhead and infrastructural costs (computer, desks, software, etc.).